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This Holiday Season Eat Mindful, Not Mindless

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It’s the holidays and for most people, that means eating – lots of eating – followed by weight gain and a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. But why not take a healthier approach to what we eat during this holiday season and beyond? It’s all about being mindful of what you eat. Mindless Eating […]

Foods That Quicken The Ageing Process


This write up exposes foods that quicken the ageing process that we humans must avoid or take less in our diets. Your own lifestyle can affect how your body ages to a great extent; from your diet and fitness regime to product-usage and general health levels, everything can affect how fast or slow signs of […]

Top 9 Health Benefits of Consuming Cucumbers


This post will enlighten you about Cucumbers. The benefits of Cucumbers cannot be overemphasised as they help improve health and keep the body fresh. If you want to know how to stay healthy by eating Cucumbers, this post is for you. Fasten your seat belts!  Below are the top 9 Health Benefits of Eating Cucumbers  […]

Reasons Why You Should End Smoking Habits


The addiction of smoking habit among Nigerians over the years have seen a significant rise in death rate and worst of all cancer among her people. While there have been significant campaign to end smoking or better still reduce it among Nigerians, the success rate of such campaigns are usually futile as the urge to […]

The Harmful Effects of Excessive Deodorant Spray


We all know that Deodorants are very important in the lives of teens and adults. They are personal care products that most people use everyday but if used abusively, indiscriminately, non-challantly, the health effects of deodorants can be really serious. Deodorants are very good at helping to reduce and mask body odour and keep a […]

Health Benefits of Dates: Top 12


This post is about the health benefits of dates. Date palm or date fruit is a fruit that has a sweet flesh and a hard seed. In Northern Nigeria, it is known as “ribino” and it is a very popular fruit in that part of the country. This post aims at exposing to you the […]

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