Nigerian International Passport: Application, Cost & Renewal

This post on Nigerian International Passport will reveal the new current cost of Nigerian International Passport 2017, renewal of the passport, How to apply for Nigerian International Passport online, price, e.t.c


What is a National Passport?

A passport is a travel document, usually issued by the government of a nation, that certifies the identity and nationality of its holder for the purpose of international travel.  A valid Nigerian international passport is a vital piece of document issued to Nigerian citizens intending to travel outside the country.

For new passport applications, Nigeria now offers electronic passports known as e-passports. These passport are in hard copies and not soft copies and is classified as either Standard Nigerian passport or Official e-passport, depending on intended use.

How To Obtain A Valid Nigerian International Passport

The Nigerian International Passport can be obtained in two ways, online or offline. Either ways, they are still the same

Offline International Passport

Usually, this is the most common way that Nigerians are familiar wth. It is also expensive as obtaining your Nigerian passport is done through an agent. I won’t advise that you use this method as the technicalities you would encounter plus the risk of being defrauded is common with applying for a Nigerian passport via an agent.Either ways, you would still have to take your printed documents to the immigration office.

Online Nigerian International Passport Requirement

Below are the guidelines to obtain your international passport online and the required documents:

  • Nigerian Passport Application form (should be completed online & printed out).
  • Payment Slip.
  • Local Government State of Origin.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Change of name affidavit (if you’ve changed your name before).
  • Photocopy of Applicant’s data page.
  • Two current passport-size photographs.
  • Driver’s License.
  • Processing Nigerian passport fee of N15,000.
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Below is the process on how to pay online after you have gotten the above document s reasy

  • Visit the Home page of Nigeria Immigration Portal here
  • Locate & click on the e-passpoert tab to in the appropriate application form to start the process
  • Select your preferred passport type.
  • Select your Processing Country.
  • Fill in the form with your current and correct details.
  • Upload the scanned copies of your required documents
  • Select your payment method and proceed to online payment.
  • Click on Submit

Differnce between 32pages International Passport & 64pages International Passport

There is the 32pages International Passport, and there is the 64pages. The 64-page e-Passport was introduced against the backdrop that Nigerians, especially frequent travellers especially businessmen easily exhausted their 32-page passports. It will also aid the individual travellers the cumbersome problem of having to carry bulky passport booklets.

Although, you almost can’t lay your hands on the 64 pages passport without first presenting your filled up or expired 32pages passport. This is in a bid to make sure that they (immigration officers) remain in business, as the official cost for making a 64pages international passport is what is collected for the 32 pages when you visit the Nigerian Immigration Service office.

Nigerian International Passport Renewal

If you want to renew your Nigerian International passport, you would be required to present the following documents in person at the immigration office. As announced by the Federal government, the new cost of renewing the passport in nigeria is N20,000. If misplaced, you might be referred to the immigration head office in Abuja to get it done.

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Documents needed for Nigerian International Passport Renemwal

  • Police Report (if misplaced).
  • TheRenewal Fee N20,000.
  • Two (2) passport-size photographs preferably with white background.
  • Applicant should provide Passport Number of lost Passport (if applicable).
    Applicant will be required to appear in person for biometric and image acquisition.


It is advisable to apply afresh for a new International Passport rather than go through the stress for the renewal. The Official website of the Nigerian Immigration Service:

Support Email: [email protected]

Immigration Help desk line: +234 (1) 2714449, 4541452.



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  1. I want to comment on this ..renewal of passport here in Spain is not only the 20k …. in Spain here they will ask you to pay 150euro on the first day and on the collecting day you will also pay the 150euro apert from online payment………Nigeria 4u

    1. That is strange, Sony Love. I just renewed mine (124 Euros for the 64 page passport that was available). I paid online, when I went for the biometrics capturing, they charged 60 euros for “administrative fees” that the “funny man” announced during his long talk (still have the receipt). Nothing more than that (and I collected it myself without paying a dime, even though they kept us waiting!). So, you either did not do it through the proper channels or are not giving the exact figures.

  2. It is a right step in the right direction, kindly keep the public informed about the latest development.

  3. Hello, pls is the infos really true? Because there‘s lots of fraudulent activity prior to this.

    1. Yes but due to the economic situation of the country,it might be subject to change at any moment

  4. I appplied in beginning of this september but my passport is nt yet out….the agent told me that 32pgs booklets ar nt available and pls i want to knw if there is any other better alternative than “to wait

    1. This might be helpful to you on what you would need or take along to the immigration office and

  5. How long does it takes

    1. About a month but you know how Nigeria things are done

  6. Pls admin, how can I get a new passport, cos my old one is about to expire. Is it allow to just get a new one or must renew the old passport?? And how is it if I’m allow to do a new one?


    1. It is the same thing. If you choose to renew it the better

  7. Can the passport be obtain at the state capital ? Or only at the headquarters in abuja.

  8. My husband have been trying to renew his passport in UK for the past one month now and he has not be giving.what is really causing the delay

  9. My wife applied to change name since 10-09-16 in U.K. collection was supposed to be 15th sept 2016. Today is 9th November 2016, passport isn’t ready for collection. Please any advice.

  10. Can I travel with ETC and try apply for another passport while on holiday in Nigeria?

  11. I misplaced my passport and I don’t have a copy, I am planning on travelling to Barbados by Jan to see if I can get volunteer charity jobs.

    You stated in your write up instead of renewal I can just get another, is this even possible? I was told I’d you tried to apply for another and the system shows your previous acquisition you can be jailed or so

    Please clarify this issue for me


  12. what is the current price of international passport now?

    1. Maybe 25,000 to 30,000. NothNot in nigeria is permanent

  13. Am Abubakar and we are trying to get a passport for our child born in USA.We have completed the procedures and supposed to GI to new York for the interview.We have missed 2 appointments now and we will have time till January to attwn the interview,so u wanna know If it will be Ok for us to wait till December end before we can reschedule another appointment since we missed the November 23rd appointment.

  14. Am Abubakar and we are trying to get a passport for our child born in USA.We have completed the procedures and supposed to go to New York for the interview.We have missed 2 appointments now and we will not have time till January to attend the interview,so we wanna know If it will be Ok for us to wait till December end before we can reschedule another appointment since we missed the November 23rd appointment.


    What is the actual cost of Nigerian Passport?

    What are the necessary documents to take along to the immigration office?


  16. Can I get new passport instead of renewal

  17. Adeyeye Jimoh Ademola

    Pls let e know if a number is maintained when renewal

  18. I applied for passport renewal in 21st October in UK. Till date I have not receive the new one and no clue on when it will be available. How do I travel with expired passport before my visa expires in January 2017. Please advice. Thanks

  19. I want to apply for passport how can I apply and how many month can it last for it to be [email protected]

  20. please i want to renew my international passport, how much does it cost to renew and what did i need to go with to the immigration office

  21. Pls what is d current price of getting a new international passport and what document is require if i am doing it offline

  22. how much does it cost to Renew international passport in Nigeria

    1. Everything will cost about N40,000 to do the international passport

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