10 Trusted Online Shopping Sites/Stores in Nigeria


This article will list out the best online shopping sites/stores in Nigeria to buy items from who have overtime gained reputation as one of the online markets in the country. Online shopping in Nigeria is now becoming rampant as different online stores are springing up not just in Nigeria but in the world. If you […]

Biography Of Chizoba Orji

Life Journey of Chizoba Orji It was a peaceful Friday, 27th October 1989, a loud cry of joy was heard from the labour ward of Holy ROSARY specialist and maternity hospital, Onitsha. On that faithful day, Chizoba Orji was born into the family of late Mr John Orji and Mrs Theresa Orji. Chizoba is from […]

Nigeria’s current population rises to 201 million this 2019

According to United Nations on July 1, 2015, Nigeria’s population has risen to about 183million people.  Nigeria’s current population before 2012 was around 166.2 million people.  Back in 1960, when the country declared its independence from the United Kingdom, the country recorded an estimated 45.2 million people. That constitutes a change of about 268% between […]

10 Reliable Online Shopping Stores in Nigeria (2019)

Nigerian online stores are sprouting everywhere on the internet. But which of these online stores are reliable that Nigerians can really risk to shop online with? This post will reel out the top 10 best online shopping stores in Nigeria that are popular and credible. Lets face a fact, Nowadays, it is difficult to buy […]

How to Start Recharge Card Business In Nigeria Easily (2019)

If you are finding new ways to earn money in the country, then you should try recharge card printing business. This venture is profitable and lucrative, no wonder many people are into it. In Nigeria today, it is a common knowledge that recharge cards has become a necessity just like the food we eat. This […]

Guide on How to Start a Pharmacy/Drug Store in Nigeria (2019)


Starting a retail drug store in Nigeria can be an extremely beneficial business venture. This is because in Nigeria, people fall ill on a daily basis which has seen the increase for the demand for life saving medications. To take advantage of this business idea, you have to legally own a drug store in Nigeria. […]

Top 10 Nigerian Online Shopping Sites (Best List)

Online shopping is now the new trend in Nigeria. The convenience and deals that comes with it makes it even tempting that Nigerians now spend about ₦ 1.3 billion online shopping. It had been ascertained according to a report by Philips Consulting that no less than 500 orders are made daily in the renowned Online […]

10 Best Shipping Companies in Nigeria & Locations

The shipping industry in the country is one that has added real economic value to the growth and GDP of Nigeria as a country. No wonder, the business of shipping companies operating in Nigeria is known to be a profitable one. Just in December 2018, the country’s import surge reached a massive NGN 943.6 billion. […]