Size of Nigeria in Square Kilometers & All 36 States

The size of Nigeria’s geographical land area in square kilometers is 983,213 km2. The country is made up of 36 states including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) with various ethnic groups and tribes divided into six geopolitical zones. With a population of over 195 million people as of 2018, Nigeria’s position as the most populous […]

Top Fashion Schools In Lagos & Their Contact Details

Fashion designing in Nigeria has grown from what we used to know as just another side hustle to make ends meet to a serious money making venture. Gone are the days when people looked at you with utter disdain on hearing that you want to be a tailor. This is because the profession has evolved […]

Top 10 Richest Pastors in Africa 2019 & Their Net Worth


In recent times, most men of God, pastors who run churches all over Africa have become so rich that the term “pastorpreneur” has been used to describe them. As it stands, these preachers of the gospel are among the richest people on the continent. These popular men who preach the teachings of Jesus Christ, most […]

10 Best Shipping Companies in Lagos & Contact Details

The shipping industry in Lagos is one that has added real economic value to the growth and GDP of Nigeria as a country. No wonder, the business of shipping companies operating in Lagos state is known to be a profitable one. Just in December 2018, the country’s import surge reached a massive NGN 943.6 billion. […]

Top 10 Best Universities in West Africa (2019)

best universities in west africa

University education in West Africa is of utmost importance in these parts of Africa and the need to get quality tertiary education cannot be over-emphasized, reason being that we want to rank among the best on the continent and compete favourably with our counterparts in the world. The best 10 universities in West Africa are […]

5 Vital Facts That Biafra Will Fail


The continuous agitation for Biafra breakaway from Nigeria tends to be on the rise, following the recent successful organized sit at home order and also the release on bail of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, and 3 others. While there is no doubting the fact that Igbos have been […]

List of Natural Mineral Resources Found in Benue State

Benue state is located in the North central geo-political zone in Nigeria and has many untapped mineral resources within its territory. Also, the state is blessed with agricultural products that has seen the state’s slogan called “Food basket of the nation”. With a population of 5 million persons within its enclave, Benue state has three […]