5 Top Richest States In Nigeria 2018

In our previous post, we published 7 top poorest states in the country (for reference basis), this time we are going to write about the top 5 richest states 2018.

top 10 richest states in Nigeria

Nigeria as a nation is greatly blessed with a great economy, mineral resources such as oil, iron, gold e.t.c and agricultural resources. All these has helped placed her in a position among the world’s top countries with a viable economy with the help of some richest states in Nigeria.

Some major states out of the 36 states has pushed Nigeria to these heights and has turned revenue base for the country.

Top 5 Richest States in Nigeria 2018

1. Lagos state

It is unarguably the “America of our nation” as people call it. Once a capital of Nigeria, it produces much revenue for the nation and for itself.

It is the most populated state in the country and gives equal opportunity for its inhabitants, both rich and poor.

Lagos state is the richest state in Nigeria 2018 with the GDP of $33.67 billion.

2. Rivers state

This state is not just known for its productivity but also for its fast growing economy which has placed it among the richest states in Nigeria.

Rivers state sits at the second position and its GDP stands at $21.07 billion.

3. Delta state

Due to its rich oil production, the state has attracted million of investors into the country.

Delta state GDP stands at $16.75 billion which makes it the third richest state in the country this 2018.

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4. Oyo state

Research has it that Oyo state experienced a stellar rise in the her economic strength by 14% between 2008 and 2012.

This has placed the them among the richest Nigerian state with a GDP of $16.12 billion.

5. Imo state

Imo state is hospitable and accommodating for business and industrialization thrive. This has attracted foreign investors to the state.

Because of this, Imo state has contributed immensely to Nigeria’s economy. Its GDP stands at $14.24 billion.

The current rise in the state’s economic strength is as a result of its rich natural resources in the state.


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    This analysis is obsolete as of now, Akwa Ibom state is the second richest state in Nigeria with both natural and human resources. It’s monthly economic productivity ranges between N30b and N40b, just following Rivers state.

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