7 Top Poorest States In Nigeria 2018

Nigeria is a country blessed with mineral resources and is made up of 36 states. These states are meant to be productive based on their available natural resources, and are meant to have a strong and honest government capable of managing these natural resources to generate its revenue.

But the reverse is the case as some states are down to poverty by 70 percent. However, these poor states in Nigeria became poor due to bad governance, mismanagement of state resources or security issues as the case may be.

We have listed top seven poorest states in Nigeria using infrastructural development, state of economy, literacy level, security and governance to compile this list of poorest states in Nigeria.

Below are the 7 Poorest States in Nigeria 2018

1. Sokoto state

Sokoto state is rated as the poorest state in Nigeria, ranking 81.2% on poverty level. Its harsh climate conditions has made its a no go area and has prevented foreigners and foreign investors to come for investment in the state. It is also the seat of the Caliphate.

2. Kastina state

Located at the deepest part of the north western area of Nigeria, Kastina state made it in the list of poorest states in Nigeria because it has fewer or no solid investment or sector that generates revenue for the state.

3. Adamawa state

Due to the frequent attack from Boko Haram terrorists, Adamawa state’s economy has crippled as a result of its citizens running away from the state because of safety. It has affected the state poorly to a poverty level of 74.2%.

4. Gombe state

Gombe state which is located at the north-eastern part of Nigeria is also facing its own peril in security with crippled economy to a 73.2% poverty level.

5. Jigawa state

A state situated at the north-western part of Nigeria and basically populated with the Hausa/Fulani tribe. With low literacy level and low economic growth, the poverty level of Jigawa state is at 72.1%.

6. Plateau state

Although, plateau state is one of the highest populated state in Nigeria and has some tourist attractions, It has also suffered a long timely tribal conflict which has carelessly destroyed its economy by 71%

7. Ebonyi state

Unfortunately this is the only state in the South-East that falls under the top poorest states in Nigeria with poverty rate of 70.6% due to poverty, illiteracy and bad government.

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  1. Plateau State should not be on that list at all. A home to two major Nigerian companies, a major source of Agric produce such irish potatoe etc. What are the indices for your claim

    1. tel me were lalong is leadin plateau to pls if not for plasteau tribalism

  2. The writer is sentimental and irrational by saying the present of Ebonyi among the list was unfortunate. Does that mean the present of all the northern state is fortunate?

  3. Akwa ibom is my dear state and am proud to come from there pls help me to tell d poor and handicap nothern state to give us biafra before the wroth of God will fall on you

    1. Then I don’t think you are from Akwa Ibom.

      1. Etarigho Benjamin

        I agree with Basman, you are definitely not from Akwa Ibom state…proudly SOUTH SOUTH.

        1. Why don’t you think he is from Akwa Ibom. Stop this SOUTH SOUTH nonsense, it’s only Ijaws that like mentioning South South because they are the biggest tribe there. Proudly Delta Proudly Biafran.

  4. Due to bad pass government in ebonyi, make illiterate so high but that does not make us among the poor state. We feed well we are farmer.

  5. I am from EBONYI, I admit that we are the least compared to the other 5 SE states, but some bloggers analysis lik u personally z based on the past statistics when we were still economically, socially n politically marginalized in the old Anambra and Enugu states b4 d creation of EBONYI in 1996 by Sani, Abacha, God bless him, even though others wish him evil.
    Immediately after d creation of the state, free n compulsory edu was declared in pri n sec schools, state university [EBSU] established which over 80% of the students are indigenes, we hv fed poly, fed univ n state college of edu, we are no more the Abakaliki of 1980s/1990s, take a trip to EBONYI n see things 4 urself, we hv only 13, go to the LG headquarters n search 2ru the bursary books n see students documentation,u will be astonished at what u will see,I am not exaggerating , our literacy n infrastructural level hv improved within the last 15yrs,we re good farmers, we produce over 90% of our foods and still sell out the excess Harvest and we will not relent until we get there!, #In sha Allah.
    though I welcome this kind of research bc it charges us to work harder and calls for all n sundry to put hand on the deck to develop our dear state.

  6. My prayer is that, all d state in Nigeria will be rich and good governance will sure face in Jesus name Amen…..God bless Abia state n Nigeria as well.

  7. These areas might being having a tough time in Nigeria now. However, I hope that they can develop by starting businesses and expanding economically.

  8. Chukwu Ogbonnia Bethel

    I can never subscribe to that statistics, that Ebonyi is among the seven poorest state in nigeria.

    1. When you hear the truth don’t argue.

  9. Despite the current situation of security challenges Maiduguri is maintaining it levels of diginity. Thank God I’m original indigen of Borno State.

  10. even tho I’m not from ebonyi but if u come thr them go feed u,they are d best in agriculture

    1. Not best my dear. are they food basket of the nation?
      take note:

  11. it very obvious that a state like jos is included so if i may ask,what quality of instracture a state should obtain in other to abscond poor?

  12. where on earth did you collected your datas

  13. What are the actions taken to eradicate this mess from these states?

  14. this is a blunt lie with no truth in it, Oyo State should be in the position of Ebonyi

    1. I agree with you

  15. Ebonyi can never be rate as one of the poorest state in Nigeria, please retake you data and repost. Although we pray for all the state to be rich if all the state is rich they won’t have been conflict in Nigeria at least they would have be paying all the children salary but now the government is not paying the workers well left alone the children

  16. Am not satisfied by the investigation that northern States were the poorest

  17. There is no dubt about the 7 poorest state in Nigeria. thank you mr producer

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