Accredited Management Institutions in Nigeria: Best 10

The list of top 10 management institutions in Nigeria that are accredited and are considered the best to study management courses in Nigeria is what this write-up is all about.


If you want to obtain a professional certificate in management here in Nigeria, you would have to apply to a top institution where you can study the various management courses available in Nigeria. The different courses have their admission requirements which you must fulfill before you can enroll in any of the schools.

Some of these required admission qualifications to study the various management courses in any of these institutes includes but are not limited to having a bachelors degree in any recognized and accredited Nigerian university or even a secondary school certificate. This as earlier stated depends on the particular type(s) of management course you choose to study.

Duration of these courses are differs as some might take months while others years. One benefit of studying a management course in Nigeria is that you increase your chances of employment in a top management organization with better salary especially if you obtain a professional certificate in management from any of these Accredited Management Institutions in Nigeria listed below.

Below is a list of best Management Institutions in Nigeria that offer accredited management courses in Nigeria.

1. Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM) in Lagos

NIM is one of the best institution to offer professional diploma courses in management studies. With branches in Nigeria available for students to apply and get the necessary training in professional diploma in management course for a duration of 2 years. At the Nigerian Institute of Management, you could also apply for Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and post graduate diploma in management course which spans a duration of about 1 year only.

2. Remoik Training & Consulting Lagos

They are mostly into business consultancy. Remoik Training & Consulting is another top organization in Nigeria that offers management courses that is accredited. One thing to note about Remoik is that they are linked to international management schools where you can also obtain international management certificates.

3. Institute of Strategic Management, Nigeria

Since its inception in 2003, the Institute of Strategic Management have been recognised as an institute that provides quality management programs to study in Nigeria. They focus more on stretegic leadership and governance. Students that have graduated from this management institute, gave positive review about the school. Although they are non-governmental, they are one of the best schools to study management courses and train at.

4. Metropolitan School of Business & Management, Nigeria  

This school of business management have their headquarters in the United Kingdom. Although they have branches in Nigeria and Dubai, MSBM is one of the few international management institutions in Nigeria. An advantage of their trainings do not limit their students to management practice alone but leadership and entrepreneural skills. They offer online business management trainings also.

5. International School Of Management, Lagos

This is a popular business school located in Lagos, Nigeria and also one of the best schools of management in Nigeria that is approved by the Federal Ministry of Education. They offer managerial skill development courses and their programs in business management is top notch.

6. Tom Associates

Also on the list of leading management training institutions in Nigeria that offer various professional management programs is Tom Associates. With affordable trainings in computer, business management and strategy programmes, customer service, accounting e.t.c, you are sure to have a good value for your money in this institution. Their website is at

7. Institute Of Professional Managers And Administrators Of Nigeria

This institution of management training as the name implies offers top class and professional training in business management. With good learning environment for research, you will get the best from professionals in the business industry. Also, you would be taught the ethical principles of management in all aspects of human endeavour to help you succeed in your managerial career. You can visit their website at

Other good management institutions in Nigeria includes

8. Leadership & management school

9. Chartered Institute Of Personal Management of Nigeria

10. International Facility Management Association


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