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5 Effective Ways To Improve Traffic To Your Blog

effective ways to improve blog traffic

Starting a blog is easy. I mean, there are quite a handful of platforms that can help you achieve that. WordPress and Blogger being the most sort after, anybody can just log in, create a blog and voila, a new blog has surfaced. But here’s the thing. It doesn’t just end there. There’s a lot […]

Top 10 Best Tech Blogs In Nigeria


Technology is one of the most popular blogging niche that appeals to bloggers in Nigeria. Because of this, a lot of tech blogs exist that provides you the latest technology news, trends or information on the latest gadgets. Some are general as they discuss any tech brand, while others are niched, that’s, focusing on a […]

Top 10 Gossip And Entertainment Blogs In Nigeria


The most popular blogging niche in Nigeria with the highest number of audience base is the entertainment and gossip niche. Everyone now want to be an entertainment blogger in Nigeria, thanks to the success story of Linda Ikeji. The niche is so populated that it is even insinuated that its saturated and you will need […]

Best Fashion Blogs In Nigeria: Top 10


Fashion and style is one factor that brings out the beauty in an individual. Fashion ranges from the clothes one puts on, the shoes, the mode of dressing and finally, the type of makeup and jewelry. Due to this increased rate of fashion consciousness, its no surprise that award winning Nigerian style bloggers expose this […]

Top Seven Ways to Build Strong LinkedIn Profiles


Since a large number of recruiters are now on LinkedIn, it is important to understand how to utilise the site’s resources to help put your best foot forward to these recruiters. Here are top seven ways to build a strong LinkedIn profile. Seven Ways to Build Strong LinkedIn Profile  In order to build a strong […]

Top 10 Best SEO Companies in Nigeria


The list of best SEO companies in Nigeria that are trusted and can get your brand to rank on the first page of Google, provide expert SEO services etc. You want to rank for your target keyword right? What if I tell you someone somewhere is also interested in ranking for that keyword? This means […]

How To Write a Blog Post That Google & People Loves


Writing a blog is one thing, making it user and Google friendly is another. In order get ranked on Google SERPS you have follow some do’s and don’ts. The following steps will give you a tip on what you must do to make your post not only SEO & user friendly but a killer article. Constructive […]

How to Start a Health Blog: Beginners Guide

Starting a Health Blog for FREE – A Beginner’s Guide Staying healthy is everyone’s priority in life. Are you someone that is passionate about health? or have knowledge on health and fitness topics and would like to share it to the public via the internet? If you are, then I suggest starting a health blog […]

How to Pay For Google AdWords in Nigeria


How to Pay For Google AdWords in Nigeria Easily Subscribing to Google Adwords is one sure way of driving traffic to your blog. Most Nigerians don’t know how to leverage this opportunity and get stuck halfway when trying to make payment for Google AdWords. This post will show you how to manage your Google AdWords […]

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