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Best Insurance Companies in Lagos: Top 10


There are factors in rating the best insurance firms. Lagos is a state in Nigeria with many registered insurance companies offering various services. But which of these are considered the best to start with. To know a top insurance company, they must be popular among the public, must have a good track record and most […]

Trusted Delivery Services in Nigeria: Top 10


To deliver any item/ parcel conveniently around the country or internationally, you would need to contact trusted delivery services. But which of these delivery service companies in Nigeria is the best and are reliable to ship your package? Although, most claim to be reliable, we have listed the top 10 that are trusted and are […]

Best ISP Companies in Nigeria: Top 10 Internet Service Providers


Every Internet service provider boasts of high speed connectivity of their internet service. No wonder the competition among these ISP companies have intensified especially with the introduction of 4GLTE service in the country. Are you looking for reliable ISP’s that can guarantee you or your organization high speed data without poor internet connectivity? We’ve listed […]

Best Pension Companies in Nigeria: Top 10


Are you aiming to retire soon? Or are you a working class individual without a pension plan? We advice you speak to trusted representatives of any of the pension fund managers in the country. If you are looking for information on these firms, we have researched a list of the top 10 pension companies in […]

Reliable Car Tracking Companies In Nigeria: Top 10


Installation of car tracking device in vehicles is necessary because of car theft which is on the rise in the country. Car owners and organizations see this as the only solution to minimize the rate vehicles are stolen and beef up vehicle security. If you are managing a fleet of vehicles for a company, you […]

Top 10 Best Road Transport Companies in Nigeria


If you travel by road often, you will most definitely know the difference between the good road transport companies and the not so good ones. The quality of service matters and the speed limit is also of great importance. In this post, Nigerian Infopedia brings you the top road transport companies in Nigeria.  The travelling […]

Best Recruitment Agencies in Nigeria: Top 10


List of Top Trusted Recruitment Agencies in Nigeria and Their Contacts For Quality Employment (websites, address, phone numbers, & e-mail)…oil & gas jobs is what this article is all about. The high rate of unemployment in Nigeria has seen graduates take to crime. It is no surprise that genuine recruitment firms operating in Lagos who […]

Top 10 Best PR Companies in Nigeria


These are the best PR companies in Nigeria based on track record and expertise. We believe that there are several PR establishments out there but these are the ones that make the cut in no particular order. Below are 10 of them.  PR or Public Relations is the practice of managing communications between an organization […]

Top 10 Best Catering Companies in Nigeria


If you want to plan your event, there are really good catering companies out there to contact. Here in this post is a list of 10 best catering companies in Nigeria, you should look them up in the paragraphs below.    In no particular order, here are the top catering companies you can contact to […]