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Tomato Farming in Nigeria: Guide on How to Start


Tomato farming in Nigeria is rare in many areas of the country even when Nigeria is blessed with the right soil and weather to boost tomato production in commercial quantity and even make Nigeria a major exporter of tomatoes in the world.  Although, there are major tomato producing states in Nigeria, these states cannot supply […]

Turkey Farming in Nigeria: Guide on How to Start


In our previous posts, we wrote on how to start fish farming in Nigeria. This time, we are are going to focus on Turkey Farming in Nigeria, a poultry business that is lucrative, easy to rear, manage and control.This article will serve as a turkey farming guide to those who wish to establish a turkey […]

Grasscutter Farming Business In Nigeria: How to Start

Grasscutter farming business in Nigeria is one business gaining popularity in Nigeria because of its many advantages. Although, not too popular in the urban part of the country, grasscutter farming is usually popular in the rural areas. This is because Greater Cane Rat also known as Grasscutter is found in such areas. Before we go […]

GTBank Sort Code: Guaranty Trust Bank Sort Code


GTBank Sort Code Nigerian banks sort code can be a problem especially when you are filling forms online and other documents that require sort codes of Nigerian banks. In our previous post on FCMB sort code, we said that sort code is a number which is usually identifies both the bank and the branch where […]

List of FCMB Branches in Lagos


If you are looking for addresses of FCMB branches in Lagos, Nigeria then read on. You might find the one closest to you. Also note that FCMB Bank Head Office is in Lagos and they are one of the CBN approved commercial banks in Nigeria. Although, there are other FCMB branches in various states, this post […]

Strongest Currencies in Africa: Top 10 (2018)


The American dollar as we all know is the among the top strongest currencies in the world. This is because the dollar is used world wide as the general currency for exchange of goods and services in the world. ALSO READ: 5 WAYS TO RAISE MONEY FOR YOUR BUSINESS Narrowing it down to Africa, there are […]

What Oil Companies in Port Harcourt Pay their Workers

Oil and Gas Companies Operating in Nigeria

It is always the dream of every graduate to work in an any Oil Company in Nigeria simply because they are one of the very few companies that pay the highest salaries in Nigeria. Given that the Oil and Gas sector in Nigeria is the strong hold of the country’s economy, it is no surprise […]

Fish Farming Business in Nigeria: How to Start


Are you looking for how to start a fish farming business in Nigeria and don’t know how to go about it, then read on as this article will put you through the necessary details you would need in establishing your own fish farm in Nigeria. The truth about Fish farming business in Nigeria is that […]