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Guide on How To Start A Football Viewing Center In Nigeria


If there is anything that brings youths at large together in the world, it is football. It is on these platform that people show their passion for football and their love for their various clubs like; Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Manchester united etc. Most people gamble for it, some leave their houses and streets to […]

Feasibility Study on Fish Farming Business In Nigeria


Fish farming business in Nigeria is not something new. People around Nigeria engage in fish farming business especially those who live in places blessed with abundant fresh water. Although, Fish farming is a lucrative business which requires time, patience and money. One must be ready to take risks if you must venture into this kind […]

Tips on Saving Money for Retirement In Nigeria


Saving money can be a very daunting task. Each day we are faced with various wants and needs that require spending money. The goal of saving money for retirement is to have a backup that will be used after you retire and would be your source of income if you have a particular project at […]

How To Start Bulk SMS Business In Nigeria

Do you want to start a bulk SMS business in Nigeria but don’t know how to go about it? Then this article is for you as it contains the basics you will need if you decide to be a bulk SMS reseller from home and make profit from it As we are all aware that […]

Step by Step Guide On How to Buy Shares in Nigeria

Do you want to invest in stocks? Have you being looking around on the internet on how to buy shares in Nigeria? Then you are at the right page. To start with, working capital is needed to be able to purchase shares. As licensed by the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), it is the responsibility of […]

How to Start Recharge Card Business In Nigeria

Recharge Card Business in Nigeria In Nigeria today, it is a common knowledge that recharge cards has become a necessity just like the food we eat. This is because communication is vital and since the emergence of the Telecommunication giants like MTN, GLO, ETISALAT and AIRTEL, purchasing recharge cards is essential to keep communicating via […]

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