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Distribution Business in Nigeria: Guide on How To Start


Distribution business offers many opportunities in Nigeria. This lucrative venture ensures that you make profit. Here is a guide to start distribution business in Nigeria with success. There is no doubt that Nigeria is a country abound with limitless opportunities. Our massive population makes it easy for different varieties of businesses to thrive favourably in […]

8 Best Business Ideas for Retired Civil Servants


8 Best Retirement Business Ideas for Retired Civil Servants Have you ever thought of life after civil service. After spending 35 years in service what would happen when you retire after collecting your gratuity?. There are a lot of good business ideas for civil servants after retirement that you can do in Nigeria. You only […]

Top 10 Betting companies in Nigeria


The sports betting market in Nigeria has witnessed a significant rise in the past few years. Many Nigerians are now conscious of the gains and the losses involved in indulging in sports betting. New sports betting companies are springing up and this gives customers the opportunity to choose the best from the rest. Many betting […]

How to Register a Trademark in Nigeria: Procedures & Requirements


The law in Nigeria under the Trademarks Act Chapter 436 of 1990, provides for the registration of Trademark officially with the Commercial Law Department in the Ministry of Trade and Investment in Nigeria. You can also register a slogan, name, logo, domain name or website name, colour, e.t.c as your Trademark online in Nigeria. This […]

Contact Details of CCD Superstores Branches in Lagos


In this post, we shall look CCD Superstores and their contact details in Lagos. CCD is a trading concern that focuses primarily on the importation and distribution of a wide range of consumer goods to largely; retailers, cooperative societies and sales outlets. CCD commenced operations on March 24, 1993 as a small grocery store retailing […]

Konga Headquarters (HQ) Office in Ikeja is currently Nigeria’s top online shopping sites. The only competition they have in the country is Jumia. The company mission is to be the pioneer of e-commerce and trade in west Africa. On Konga’s website, you can purchase a whole range of products whether it is Computers & Accessories, Apparels, Phones & tablets, Games, […]

Cotton Farming In Nigeria: Guide on How To Start

Do you want to start a cotton farming business in Nigeria and you don’t know how to start? Then read this article, it will walk you through the steps of how to start a cotton farm in Nigeria. Cotton farming business is one business you should engage in if you have the capital to invest. […]

Food Canteen Business In Nigeria: Guide on How To Start

Food canteen business is a very popular venture in Nigeria that you can start with at least N100, 000. As long as you can cook various soups and foods stuffs like rice, beans, yam, and others, you are good to go. Are you the type that can bring ingredients together and breathe life into it […]

Sport Betting Business In Nigeria: Guide on How To Start

How To Start A Sport Betting Business In Nigeria Many youths especially the male folks amongst them are sport fanatics. To put it in a more specific and friendly way, they are football fans and this opens a whole lot of opportunities to make money. This fact is not even arguable as the number of […]

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