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Ugwu Farming In Nigeria: Guide on How To Start

Want to make money from vegetable farming in Nigeria? Then start an Ugwu farm because it is profitable and the demand is high. Ugwu leaves also known as fluted pumpkin has so many health and nutitious benefits. Some include: serves as an immune booster, it is a natural hematinic has a blood sugar reducing effect. […]

Wheat Farming In Nigeria: Guide on How To Start

This article serves as guide on how to start wheat farming in Nigeria. Since the market is everywhere, cultivating wheat in the country is a sure business that would yeild profit. Wheat processing in the country isn’t that familiar. Although, people patronize the products gotten from wheat such as biscuit, spaghetti, bread, cookies and noodles. […]

Food Supply Business in Nigeria: Guide on How To Start

This guide is about how to start a food supply business in Nigeria and make money from it. The food supply business is a lucrative one with a lot of people making it from the business. The business involves buying and selling of food stuff in demand. You buy at a cheaper rate, sell at […]

Ostrich Farming In Nigeria: Guide On How To Start

Ostrich farming is a lucrative business in Nigeria. I know you are surprised. One, the bird itself is not that popular around. Secondly, you just don’t see how lucrative Ostrich business is. The truth is that venturing into ostrich farming business is a lucrative one if you put in what it needs. First, you should […]

Diary Farming In Nigeria: Guide on How To Start

Dairy Farming In Nigeria: How To Start Dairy farms are money spinners for their owners that started them after doing their homework. This means they did market research, saw a need, source for resources to that will help them in meeting those needs, manage those resources until it gets to a profitable level and they […]

Nestle Nigeria Factory Locations & Addresses

See all Nestlé factories in Nigeria and their various locations in this article. For those who drink Milo as beverage or spiced their food while cooking with maggi, you might not be aware of the company that produced these products. The company behind products such as Maggi and Milo is Nestlé. Over the past fifty […]

Beans Farming in Nigeria: Guide on How To Start


Here is a step by step guide on how to start beans farming in Nigeria. This business is very lucrative. Since the demand is high, beans production is something to invest in. The price of a bag of beans in Nigeria today is about N35,000. So if you have a land, why not begin this […]

Apple Farming in Nigeria: Guide On How To Start


Guide on how to start apple farming in Nigeria, step by step process and other info to plant bell apple. Apples don’t grow in africa…I am sure you have hard this countless time. If you haven’t, I have and I am telling you. However, this is entirely not true. Accepted, we live in the tropics […]

Best Law Firms in Nigeria: Top 10


There are numerous reputable law firms owned by Nigerians that have recorded successes in various court cases. These top Nigerian law firms that are owned by senior advocates of Nigeria have offices in Lagos, Abuja, and other major Nigerian cities. They boast of intelligent lawyers and they are considered the best legal chambers in the […]

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