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Career Opportunities For Commercial Students in Nigeria

Career Opportunities In Commercial Studies There are various career opportunities available for people in the job market, but this book will look at different categories of careers opened to commercial students. This topic will provide useful information for school certificate holders, diploma certificate holders and degree holders about the various opportunities in the public, teaching […]

History of Insurance in Nigeria

Some forms of insurance schemes existed in Nigeria before the coming of western civilisation. The predominant system during this period was the organised social scheme which included the extended family system, assoCIation of age grade and other unions. The rationale behind this system was to ensure periodic contribution from members and to rally round any […]

Differences Between Insurance and Assurance

Definition Of Insurance And Assurance Insurance can be defined as an agreement whereby one party promises to indemnify or pay another party a sum of money in the event of his suffering a specified loss or damages. It can also be defined as a system for providing financial compensation for the effects of loss, the […]

Introduction To Commerce: Meaning and Scope

Meaning of Commerce Commerce is a branch of production which is concerned with the distribution, exchange of goods and services and all activities which assist or facilitate trade. e.g. banking, insurance, transportation, communication, toursism etc. It is also the process of buying, selling and distributing goods and services. The process of living involves three major […]