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Top 10 Best Universities in West Africa (2019)

best universities in west africa

University education in West Africa is of utmost importance in these parts of Africa and the need to get quality tertiary education cannot be over-emphasized, reason being that we want to rank among the best on the continent and compete favourably with our counterparts in the world. The best 10 universities in West Africa are […]

Top 5 Aviation Training Schools in Abuja

Aviation training schools in Abuja aren’t much likes the ones in Lagos. If it is your dream to start a career as a pilot, flight attendant, or even have a pilot license to fly a commercial plane, then these schools will be of benefit to you. As for their fees, most courses at these schools […]

Military Universities in Nigeria: Full List

Military universities in Nigeria are those universities under the Nigerian military. Unlike the conventional schools around, the Nigerian military universities aside providing academic training to its students, it also equips officer cadets with the necessary military skills, training and mindset required to fit in as officers of the Nigerian Army, Navy or Air force. They […]