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Nigerian Defence Academy: How to Join NDA + Requirements (2019)

The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) located in Kaduna state is the first and the most popular military university in Nigeria. It trains the officer corps of the Nigerian Army, Navy and Air Force. Unlike other conventional universities, the Nigerian Defence Academy also incorporates military training aside the academic training. This is to ensure their graduates […]

Top 10 Best Federal Universities To Attend In Nigeria 2019

Are you interested in knowing the 10 best Federal Universities in Nigeria to attend? Then read on, this article will list them out. You need to know that the Nigerian University Commission (NUC) does not rank universities. It had said that countless time. Where then does all those ranking universities get their rankings from? What […]

Military Universities in Nigeria: Full List

Military universities in Nigeria are those universities under the Nigerian military. Unlike the conventional schools around, the Nigerian military universities aside providing academic training to its students, it also equips officer cadets with the necessary military skills, training and mindset required to fit in as officers of the Nigerian Army, Navy or Air force. They […]

How to Become a Pilot in Nigeria: Process & Requirements

While growing up, we have four (4) classes of science students. Those that want to be Doctors, those interested in Engineering, those that wanted to fly airplane and others. Professionals that controls the flight of an aircraft by operating its directional flight controls are known as Pilots. In simple terms, Pilots are the professionals that […]

10 Best Fashion Schools in Nigeria

This article will discuss the 10 best fashion schools in Nigeria to learn fashion designing and earn a certificate and become a professional fashion designer. If you have a flair for fashion and want to learn fashion design, you must be aware of the latest trends in the fashion industry and learning from professionals in […]

Fashion Schools In Lagos: Full List & Addresses

The fashion industry in Nigeria is a Million Naira industry. It is no news that people of all classes have dress sense and are interested in latest trends in the fashion world, knowingly or unknowingly. This had led a lot of people into the industry in a bit to have their own share of the […]

Accredited School of Nursing In Nigeria: Best 10 (2019)


Here is a list of 10 best approved school of Nursing in Nigeria that are the best if you aspire to become a professional and certified nurse in the country. If you aspire to be a nurse, it is very vital that you study nursing as a course in an accredited Nigerian university. Nurses are […]

Accredited Schools of Health Technology in Nigeria: Full List

Before the 70s, there were few schools of health technology in Nigeria. The story is now different as each state in the federation has at least one college of health technology. This was as a result of the conscious effort by the same federal government to bring this school close to the people. However, that […]