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Best Private University in Nigeria by NUC 2019


If you ask private university students in Nigeria- which private university is the best in Nigeria this 2019? Their answer might be bias as some would either support their university or call another. Best Private University in Nigeria by NUC 2019 For the sake of this post, we shall look at the best private university […]

10 Best Universities in Nigeria 2019 By NUC

The list of top 10 universities in Nigeria 2019 as ranked by the National University Council (NUC) include: 1. University of IbadanĀ  This school is listed first as the best federal university in the country by the NUC and was featured in The Reuters Top 100 in their latest rankings of world universities 2019. The […]

10 Best State Universities in Nigeria 2019 (Recent Ranking)


Best State Universities in Nigeria We all know that the top universities in Nigeria that are ranked best and highest in Africa are either Federal or privately owned tertiary institutions. It was no surprise as the recent ranking of Nigerian universities 2019 by Webometrics supported this argument, but we shall not delve into that. Our […]

Top 10 Best Colleges of Education in Nigeria 2019


In Nigeria today, there is a long list of tertiary institutions to choose when considering your higher institution of choice. Whether it is a university, a polytechnic, a monotechnic or a college of education, Nigeria has them all. In this article, we will focus on the top 10 colleges of education in the country. Do […]

Cut-off marks for entrance to Federal UNITY Schools for all 36 states and the FCT

Unity schools are now popular academic institutions in Nigeria. The reason the federal government established unity schools is to unite the country through quality education. The history of this educational institution can be traced to the military era. Pupils are made to understand that through interaction and teachings that the unity of the country is […]

10 Cheapest State Universities in Nigeria (2019)


Here are 10 affordable state universities in Nigeria whose school fees are cheap to pay this 2019 and offer quality education. Lagos State University (LASU) Lagos State University, which is one of the most cheapest University in Nigeria, was founded in 1983 by Lagos State government. One of the motive for establishing this institution is […]

Top 10 Cheapest Federal Universities in Nigeria & School Fees

In recent years, education in Nigeria is no more affordable as federal universities have increased their school fees, making it impossible for prospective students attend these schools due to the unstable economy. If you are looking for a cheap university to attend in Nigeria with low school fees to pay, then this post is for […]

NYSC 2019: Best Northern States To Serve As A Youth Corper


As one who served in the north, I know most prospective NYSC corpers would be searching for the best northern states to serve as a youth corper. No one should blame any one who choses to redeloy to the south west or south east because information and events filtering everywhere suggest that the north is […]

Best Federal Universities In Nigeria: Top 5

Federal universities are seen as top schools in the country. Infact, they have been the choice for most outgoing secondary school students to pursue their academics at a higher level. Although, all federal universities in Nigeria have been dully accredited by the National University council (NUC), there are some that are better than others in […]

Top Counseling Courses in Nigerian Universites

For those who wish to build a career in guidance and counseling, you might want to know the available courses to study in any of the institutes that offers counseling in Nigeria. The objective here is to become a certified counselor with professional certificate to back your claim. In our previous post, we listed the […]