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Care of the Human Skin: Things You Should Know

The skin contributes to the beauty of a person. It is therefore necessary to take good care of it. To be able to take proper care of the skin, we should understand its structure. The structure of the skin The skin consists of two layers. The outer layer which is made up of dead cells […]

The Human Mouth: Structure and Care of the Teeth

The Mouth and Teeth Mouth care includes the care of the teeth, the lips, and the whole area of the mouth. When the mouth is not well cared for, it smells and the teeth become bad. Structure of the Teeth To care for the teeth properly, it is necessary to learn about its structure. There […]

The Human Ear and Nose: Structure, Function and Care

The Ear You all know how important your ears are, especially for hearing. Therefore, they require good care. The outer ear is the part seen from the outside, the middle and the Inner parts are covered by skin and muscle. Structure of the Ear To be able to care for the ear, it is necessary […]

The Human Eye: Structure, Function, Care of the Eye

The Eye Our eyes are a very important part of our face. Apart from seeing with them, they often show how we feel within us. When we laugh, our eyes laugh with us, but when we are sad our eyes cloud up with tears. It is therefore necessary to take good care of the eyes. […]

Procedures for Hair Grooming and Hair Styles

Whatever the style of hair we want, it is necessary to keep the hair clean. The best way is to wash the hair. Therefore, it is necessary to learn something about grooming and caring for the hair. Hair grooming involves shampooing the hair to dissolve the grease and remove any dirt in the hair. Styling, […]

Complex Hair Care Equipment and Hair Care Materials

When you go to a hairdressing salon you will find complex equipment used by the hairdressers for dressing the hair. These equipment are necessary and serve as must haves for hair dressers in order for them to be able to properly carry out their work in the best possible way, giving their customers the satisfaction […]

The Hair: Structure, Qualities and Hair Care

There are different types of hair. Hair can be curly or straight, short or long, hard or soft, oily or dry. Hair can also have different colours. In most parts of Africa, people have black or dark brown hair. Most Europeans have straight hair which can sometimes be brown in colour. Hair that is well […]

Good Grooming: The Human Body

The human body is made up of many parts. These parts perform different functions that organize the body into a single complex unit and we shall talk about the different parts of the body and how to take proper care of our bodies in the subsequent paragraphs. Taking care of our bodies is called grooming […]

Importance of Home Economics to Individuals, Family & Nation

Home Economics has a lot of importance to family, individuals amd even the nation at large. In this post, you get to know them accordingly. Importance of Home Economics to Individuals It helps to teach individuals how to live well In their environment. It helps the Individual to get prepared for the role of a […]

Career Opportunities In Home Economics

This implies the various job opportunities available to individuals who study Home Economics. It can be a wage employment where someone is paid certain amount of money by his or her employer. it can also be in self-employment where one manages his or her own business and makes profit from it. There are many jobs […]