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Top Hausa Newspapers in Nigeria


In Nigeria, Hausa newspapers are mostly sold in the northern region. This is because those people that don’t understand English can read these popular newspapers written in Hausa language. If there’s one news media type that the Hausa man is known for, it is the Radio. In all the nooks and crannies of the Hausa/Fulani […]

Best Yoruba Newspapers in Nigeria: Top 5

The print media in Nigeria is blessed with so many newspapers in various languages. There are popular Yoruba newspapers which are written for those who can’t understand English language and these publications are printed mostly in Yoruba speaking states in the country. Looking at the Nigerian newspaper market, one will reach a conclusion that all […]

Cult Groups in Nigerian Universities: Full List & Symbols

According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, a cult is a social group defined by its unusual religious, spiritual or philosophical beliefs, or its common interest in a particular, object or goal. If this is anything to go by, a lot of people belong to a cult groups in Nigerian universities either knowingly or unknowingly whether […]

List Of All Yoruba States in Nigeria

Yoruba is one of the major ethnic groups in Nigeria alongside Hausa and Igbo. Being one of the major tribes in Nigeria, people that belong to this ethnic group are numerous in Nigeria and as such, they span across different states in the country. About 21% of the Nigerian population are Yorubas. This article will […]

Best Ways To Send And Receive Money In Nigeria From Abroad

Are you planning to send or receive money from abroad and you’re interested in knowing the best ways of sending and receiving money in Nigeria from abroad? Then this article is for you.   With the current advancement in technology, sending money and receiving it shouldn’t be an issue. However, because of the bad name […]

10 Cheapest Areas To Live In Lagos 2019

If you are looking for a very cheap area to live or rent in Lagos this 2019, then see the places we have listed below as the cost of living in these places are low when compared to other areas in Lagos. Lagos is the commercial centre of Nigeria and its a city where you […]

Top 10 Most Popular Websites In Nigeria 2019

There are so many websites that are popular in Nigeria. Most of these popular websites or blogs have various information that Nigerians love to google about. These popular blogs in Nigeria have a decent amount of traffic which helps increase their alexa rankings. In this article, we shall list the 10 (ten) most popular sites […]

Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries In the World 2019

According to, the list of the 10 most corrupt countries were measured based on a survey of more than 16,000 people from four regions. This year 2019, Iraq surprisingly ranked first on the list. Last year, Nigeria was first on the list because of the supposed corruption fight that President Buhari is fighting which […]

Animal Zoos in Nigeria And Their Locations: Full List

The list of animal zoos in Nigeria and their locations is what this article is all about. If you are looking for a good zoo in the country to visit in any of the 36 states, then this write up is for you A zoo is a place or establishment where wild animals are kept […]

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