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10 Richest States in Nigeria (2019)

top 10 richest states in Nigeria

Nigeria is an independent country with 36 states blessed with numerous natural resources. Even though crude oil has been the main source of the country riches, there are some of these wealthy states that produce them. In this article, we list the top 10 richest states in the federation based on IGR i.e Internally Generated […]

National Health Insurance Scheme in Nigeria: All You Need to Know

Recently, Healthcare Insurance in Nigeria has become more pronounced due to the emergence of certain deadly diseases such as Ebola, HIV and AIDS. There is no denial that HealthCare Provision in Nigeria is a write-off due to the negligence of government at all levels to provide the necessary public healthcare services to the her citizens. […]

Richest Igbo Men in Nigeria: Top 10 (2019)

I recently published Forbes ranking of richest people in Nigeria 2019. In this article, we shall be looking at a list of top 10 richest Igbo men in Nigeria. This list will also reveal the richest igbo man in Nigeria and would be restricted to entrepreneurs, Igbo billionaire business men who have contributed to the […]

Official Salary Structures in Nigeria: Full List (Latest)


This post highlights the various salary structures in Nigeria Two people at the same level working in different government agencies will receive different salary. What is this cause of this? The salary structure! The Nigerian services is divided into units and each unit has it own salary structure. That’s why even in the university, the […]

Religion In Nigeria: Types & Facts You Need Know

These facts which are compiled about religion in Nigeria were gotten from authoritative sources around the internet. The richest pastor in the world is a Nigerian, Bishop David Oyedepo, founder of Living Faith Ministries aka Winners Chapel. He has an estimatd net worth of $150 million according to Forbes. The Largest church auditorium in Africa […]

Factors To Consider When Searching For A Property In Lagos

Factors To Consider When Searching For A Property In Lagos

Purchasing a land or a developed property is one of the dreams of most Nigerians. It can be a so exciting and a scary expectation at the same time. This is mainly so because in Lagos state, Nigeria, there is always the possibilities of fraud. Hence, this write-up is meant to explain the factors everyone […]

Major Types of Religions in Nigeria

types of religion in nigeria

Religion is a set of beliefs and practices that explains the relationship between human beings and a sacred powerful spiritual being. A given religion is elucidated by particular elements of a set of believers. Most of religions have grown starting from the onset based on the ideal history of the nation, of a wise man […]

The Largest City in Africa By Land Mass


If you were asked, what is the largest city in Africa by land? or its location, you might be confused as countries in Africa boast of having large cities even though they are nothing compared to the size of this city loacted in the African continent. The largest city in Africa by land is Cairo […]

All Types of Religions in Nigeria Explained

types of religion in nigeria

The major religions in Nigeria are Christianity, Islam and Traditional religion. All these entail the worship of a Deity (God) and have different pattern of belief system. In a recent survey conducted, the country comprises of 50% Muslim population, 40% Christians and 10% belonging to other religious affiliations. In this article, we discuss about Christianity, […]

Biggest Pentecostal Churches In Nigeria: Top 10


Biggest Pentecostal Churches In Nigeria 2018 Pentecostal churches are taking another bold step in terms of largest building size, auditoriums, populations, branches etc. This is bound to happen since the country is very religious. Their congregations truly believe that there is a supernatural being who has the ability to change one’s destiny and impart the […]