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National & Public Holidays in Nigeria 2019 (Official List)

The 2019 calendar is out and shows all national public holiday dates in the country. As a civil servant or government worker, you would need information on these holiday dates to help you plan your schedule in future. Since the Federal government can declare any date as a national holiday, its best you are always […]

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities In Nigeria (2019)


Nigeria is a country blessed with diverse resources; ranging from human resources, good weather conditions, fertile soil for agriculture and tourist attractions. That being said, Nigeria has also been plagued with different political and economic challenges ranging from insurgency to kidnapping and inter-ethnic wars of recent. Nevertheless, Nigeria still houses some of the world’s most […]

How To Check If Your National Identity Card Is Ready


Steps on How To Check/Know If Your National Identity Card Is Ready or its status Most people have enrolled for the National identity Card for quite a long time but do not have an idea of when you would collect it. It is high time to confirm if your National Identity Card is ready for […]

Current Full List of Registered Political Parties In Nigeria (2019)

Registered Political Parties in Nigeria 2019 According to the body in charge of conducting election and registering political parties, Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, Nigeria has 30 dully registered political parties and operate a multi-party system. The popular ones are Peoples Democratic Party(PDP), which is currently the opposition party in Nigeria and the ruling All […]

Forbes Top 10 Richest Men in Nigeria (2019)


According to Forbes’ , there are certain individuals in Nigeria, who are wealthy as they run certain business conglomerates. They are seen to be among the richest people in Nigeria as they have built an empire that shapes the economy of Nigeria. In this particular year 2019 list of richest men in Nigeria, there are […]

10 Most Developed States in Nigeria (2019)

There are some states in Nigeria that are well developed with infrastructures and basic social amenities like portable drinking water, hospitals, good road networks, power supply, etc. These developed states are also among the richest states in the country and can survive independently from federal allocations using their internal generated revenue (IGR). While the development […]

Top 10 Food Blogs in Nigeria (Best)


Best Food Blogs in Nigeria 2019 There are a lot of Nigerian food blogs that could teach you about different African delicacies. This article will help list out ten (10) of these top food blogs in Nigeria that would teach you popular Nigerian cookery recipes if you really want the best or learn how to […]

Top 10 Popular Blogs in Nigeria (2019)


These article on the top 10 popular blogs in Nigeria are owned by bloggers that over the years have worked extra hard to build a brand for themselves and whose blogs receives thousands and million of visits. Although, their traffic stats of these popular Nigerian blogs are overwhelming, one cannot deny the fact that the […]

Full List of Churches in Nigeria & Founders

Christianity is one of the major religions in Nigeria and accounts for 48% of the general populace. As of today, Nigeria is most religious country in Africa and 2nd in the world. There are different church denominations in the country whose worship system differs from others. The similarity that exist between these Nigerian churches is […]

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