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Richest Local Government Areas in Nigeria: Top 10


Nigeria is a country that has three tiers of government namely: the Federal Government, State Government and Local Government. For the purpose of this article, we are going to list the richest local government areas in Nigeria in terms of natural resources. Before we dive into the list, lets answer few questions for clarification. What […]

10 Most Populated Churches In Nigeria (2019)

Nigeria itself has the largest population of Christians in Africa and it is not surprising that there are many church denominations with thousands of congregations spread all over the country today. Top Ten Most Populated Churches in Nigeria According to a recent survey, the population of Christians in the country is slight lesser than that […]

Mass Communication Jobs & Salary in Nigeria (Correct Figures)

Mass communication is one of the professional courses in Nigeria that most students opt to study at the university these days. The truth about mass communication is that it is a very wide course and its beyond journalism, even though that is the major course in this field where most people build successful careers in. […]

Top Locations of Crude Oil in Nigeria: Full List

There are many states where crude oil can be found in Nigeria. While we have taken time to list out the highest oil producing states in the country, we will list out all places where crude oil is located including the history and companies exploring this natural resource. For record purposes, crude oil was first […]

Latest Prices of Used Cars in Nigeria 2019 (Buyer’s Guide)

We provide latest information on prices of used cars in Nigeria 2019. Aside from knowing how much cars are currently sold in Nigeria, we also give useful tips to know when buying a used car in Nigeria, and finally where to get reliable used cars in Nigeria. Why buy a used car in Nigeria: Reason […]

Forbes Richest Pastors in the World: Top 10 (2019)

Have you ever imagined men of God, pastors featured on Forbes list of richest people in the world. These popular preachers have over the years built mega churches and ministries worth millions of dollars in the Christian religion. While some might argue that these pastors who are meant to be custodians of God’s word that […]

NYSC 2019: Best Northern States To Serve As A Youth Corper


As one who served in the north, I know most prospective NYSC corpers would be searching for the best northern states to serve as a youth corper. No one should blame any one who choses to redeloy to the south west or south east because information and events filtering everywhere suggest that the north is […]

Top 5 Kids Friendly Spots in Lagos (Best Places)

There are many exciting places your kids can go to play and have fun in Lagos. These spots are popular and almost all parents visit these friendly spots with their children. We know how happy, playful, carefree and inquisitive our kids can be since its their very nature. You might have noticed that entertaining infant […]

Unique Nigerian Male Names And Their Meanings

It is widely believed that children are the joy of the world and strength of a family. Most tribes in Nigeria are more passionate and happy when they give birth to a male child than their female counterpart because they are of the opinion that a male child will surely be the strongpole that ensures […]

5 Richest Oil Producing States in Nigeria (2019)

There are certain rich states in Nigeria that produces oil. These states make up the Niger-Delta region. Since the country is blessed with so many mineral resources, its normal that oil and gas would be the main resource keeping the nation. With a population of over 180 Million people, there is a growing need for […]

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