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Where To Look For Latest Jobs In Nigeria Today


With the high rate of unemployed graduates, getting a job in Nigeria can be really frustrating. However, these current job vacancies in Nigeria are mostly seen online. Equipping yourself with the right attitude, preparation and information on Job opportunities can get you a good job in Nigeria. To search for latest jobs in Nigeria, you […]

How Much Nigerian Doctors Earn Monthly: See Figures


How much do medical doctors earn in Nigeria monthly? This is a question that we will answer shortly. We all need medical practitioners at one point or the other in our lives and getting the best hands is quite necessary. In this post, we will let you know how much a doctor’s salary in Nigeria […]

Civil Engineer Salary Structure in Nigeria

13 highest paying careers in Nigeria currently

This post is about the salary structure of civil engineers in Nigeria monthly. Engineering is one of the dreams of most young minds. No wonder it is one of the highest paying careers in Nigeria at the moment.  Engineers are in very high demand; there is no way government will not construct roads, so they […]

Average Nurses Salary in Nigeria 2019: See How Much They Earn


Nurses play significant role in Nigerian health industry and with the recent increase in minimum wage, nurses salaries should also be affected. In this article, you’ll be enlightened on how much will a Nigerian nurse earn on average as salary per month. The medical profession is one of the highest rated professions in Nigeria. Studying […]

Best Highest Paying Careers in Nigeria 2019


There are highest paying careers in Nigeria which stand miles above the rest and their take home pay is mouthwatering. A career is an occupation undertaken by a person for a significant period of their life with the opportunity to progress. It can also be defined as a profession a person does regularly for a living. […]

How To Get A Job in Nigeria Despite Graduating With a 2.2


Honestly, getting a job in Nigeria graduating with a 2.2 can be difficult as most organizations prefer second class upper or even first class certificate holders as the least requirements that the applicants are expected to have to apply for job openings. Believe you me, this is a cruel factor on the part of these […]

How to Build a Career in Human Resources Management in Nigeria


Do you want to start a successful career in Human Resource Management and become a certified HR personnel in Nigeria, this post will give you the steps on how to go about that. Human resource managers are known to be professionals whose responsibilities within a company includes hiring new employees, conducting interviews and managing benefits. […]

Difference Between An Application Letter And A Cover Letter


Most people, especially job seekers get confused in differentiating what an application letter is from a cover letter. The truth is that both forms of letters or documents look similar but they have few different meanings and functions. This article will reel out important points to note about the difference between both documents (cover and […]