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tayyip Erdogan

15th of July 2016 would always go down into the historic memorabilia of NATO’s second largest Army-Turkey. It was like a Hollywood flick, unexpected that caught not only the world off guard but also Turks themselves and their eccentric leader, Tayyip Erdogan (Who was the prime target). It would well be remembered by Turks and […]

Editorial: There Are No Successful Black Nations

There Are No Successful Black Nations.  And the indignity and helplessness of blacks in America won’t end until we have a first-world African nation to lift our people up. In the wake of fresh deaths at the hands of police officers in the world’s greatest nation, we, the people of the black race, are once […]

Editorial: My Country, My Dream by Chimamaka Onuoha

I woke up to a country where love was key where friendship meant a thing irrespective of tribal differences and our patience not so thin.  I woke up to a nation free of nepotism, government organisations buried favouritism, where my countryman was picked based on qualification and not ‘who you know’ communication.  I woke up to a country where despots and liars […]

The Fajuyi Spirit: Remembering General Fajuyi’s Sacrifice


THE FAJUYI Spirit.. By Femi Fani-Kayode . Fifty years ago today, on July 29th 1966, a man by the name of Major General Francis Adekunle Fajuyi gave his life in defence of our country and the then Head of State, General Johnson Thomas Aguiyi-Ironsi. His killers were a group of northern army officers who participated […]

Why You Should Rethink Certain Philosophies

Philosophies You Should Rethink There exist certain Philosophies that we have been taught from childhood never to review or disprove. Such Philosophies have been the status quo for ages and they have patterned so many of us in the way we see life. But if you keep doing the same things over and over again, […]

The Bitter Truth About Nigeria


The biggest country in Africa that the United Kingdom colonized is Nigeria. The biggest country that the United Kingdom colonized in Asia is India (which then comprised the present Pakistan and Bangladesh). When the UK came into Nigeria and India, like all other countries they colonized, they brought along their technology, religion (Christianity), and culture: […]

President Buhari in Trouble

Those criticizing President Muhammadu Buhari believes that he is the cause to the various problems ravaging the country presently. These critics do not see anything good in what the president does. They also have rated his performance as extremely poor in the one year plus he took over the mantle of leadership from the Peoples […]

Buhari’s Recent Appointments: A Pure Northern Affair

President Muhammadu Buhari has been criticised for his ‘lopsided appointment’ that has seen persons from the northern part of the country. In this opinion by Azuka Onwuka, he points out that a one-sided appointment is likely to create a crack in the country and make on region stronger than the other. Northern Dominance With last […]