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Kaduna state governor, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai is not a man known to shy away from the spotlight. His past exploits and accompanying controversies as a former minister of the Federal Capital Territory and Director-General of the Bureau for Public Procurement (BPP) serve as avid reminder to those who have followed the diminutive and combative character […]

Lithuania: Learning From a Neighbor’s Mistake

Eastern Europe is presently apprehensive and unsure of what the future holds for its 24 countries that currently share residence with an ever-growing belligerent powerful neighbor in the mold of Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Though, the region’s state of fear had always been there ever since Putin began his Tsarist tendencies in Georgia; Putin’s first war […]

JUST IN: Farmer writes Lai Mohammed, blasts Ministers Masquerades proposition, and reveals N350,000-monthly-income from fish farming.

Dear Lai Mohammed, with N350,000 monthly income from fish farming, why Masquerades? A Nigerian farmer has written an open letter to Lai Mohammed, challenging the Honourable Minister’s Masquerade jobs with a wonderful illustration showing N350,000 monthly income from fish farming. Below is a copy of the letter. May 9, 2016 DEAR LAI MOHAMMED, WITH N350,000 […]

Editorial: Palm Sunday

Today, 20th March, 2016 is Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday is the commemoration of the triumphal entry of our Lord Jesus Christ into Jerusalem several centuries ago. It is the King entering into His Holy City in the humblest of ways. It is the beginning of the Holy Week, a series of events that take us through Jesus’ Last Supper, Passion, Death and […]

10 Reasons Why Nigerians Are No Longer Happy

I was shocked to find out that there was something called “The World Happiness Ranking”. This report ranks countries according to their happiness level was released recently. it will shock you to know that Nigeria’s happiness ranking dropped from 78th position in the World to 103 happiest nation in the world and from 2nd happiest […]

Editor’s Desk: The Character of Men

The wide world is a classroom. It is a place where everybody is a student, a teacher and a headmaster. It is full of mistakes and regrets. In the world, one man’s problem is another man’s business. Everybody suffers and struggles before enjoyment. The world is a suffering and smiling place. Many people in the […]

When The Content of Sardine Reduces, A Nigerian Reacts

“Government should react to the number of fishes inside sardine ooo”. A visibly angry Miss B retorted. “Before it was three, now it’s two. It’s high time we did something about this”. She said.   “We cannot sit down and watch this people use us anyhow. Seriously, one day, we will open sardine and see […]