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10 Best Places To Go On A Romantic Date In Lagos

Going on a date is not just going outing with mere friends, it’s meant to be something romantic and special between you and your girlfriend, spouse, wife, husband, etc. The main thing is to take the person to some dreamy but classy venue at the same time, a nice and presentable place. There are so […]

5 Ways to Look Like a Real Hero in the Eyes of a Girl

Do you think you need to be a soldier and fight in order to look like a hero in the eyes of your beloved? If you do, then you are very mistaken, mate. We talked with the columnist of a well-known men’s magazine, who combines the work of a journalist with psychology and found out […]

4 Things Grown Adults Should Never Brag About


Part of becoming an adult is realizing the difference between confidence and conceit. There is a line that separates the two, and when you were a child it was okay, maybe even typical for you to do so as a child, but as an adult it becomes quite abnormal and unsafe. Jumia shares 4 things grown […]

Scientific Facts about Beauty, Sex & Relationships


There are so many in-explainable things when it comes to love and feelings. “Chemistry” – this is a popular description of what happens between a man and a woman. What makes us fall for a particular kind of people? Why do we see some people attractive and stay indifferent to others? Scientists know the answers. […]

Top 10 Causes of Divorce/Broken Marriages in Nigeria


Marital failure or breakdown according to Wikipedia refers to the common process whereby the relationship between a married couple erodes, such that they cannot ordinarily restore their relationship. This therefore leads to divorce or in a more simpler term, dissolution of the marital relationship. In Nigeria, the recent rate at which couples divorce is low […]

8 Guys Secrets Every Lady Must Know

Below are 8 secrets of guys every lady entering into a relationship should know or must be aware of: 1. Guys know their priorities, so if he is always “too busy” each time you need his attention, he probably doesn’t want to be with you anymore. 2. A guy who beats you doesn’t deserve you. […]

How To Avoid Adultery in Your Marriage

Why men will always cheat

Please note that you can avoid adultery in your marriage. It is within your power to do it, if you really mean it. Carelessness is one of the major causes of external affairs in marriage not the devil in the real sense of it as many people always claim when they fall into error. Abide […]

Top 5 Lies Guys Tell Ladies to Get Them In Bed


This post exposes 5 Lies Guys Often Tell Ladies In Relationships To Get Them In Bed Many lies have been told to people in a relationship and this often comes from the male folk  to the womenfolk. Some guys believe women love to be told lies and some ladies too often hate to be told […]

Legal Grounds For Divorce in Nigeria


The grounds for divorce in Nigeria are legal reasons that the law permits for the dissolution of a lawful marriage by one or both parties (couples). This is because there are periods when a couple feel they can no longer tolerate, live together as husband and wife under the same roof and would like to […]