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How To File For A Divorce in Nigeria


In Nigeria, the legal grounds for filling for a divorce in most marriages is what most couples don’t know especially when such couple(s) intend to get a divorce processed when things don’t work out between the two parties that are legally married. This post will expose step by step, the reasons/grounds to file for a […]

Must Read: The Right Age To Start A Relationship


Being in a relationship is never a function of age, but of maturity and when the individual has discovered purpose and assignment. Dating without a mission is suicide. Dating for mere friendship is to eat the rice without waiting for the stew/soup to get ready. Marriage is a platform of two prepared folks on an […]

Disadvantages of Being Beautiful


Everyone is beautifully made by God, but there are some humans specially created by Him in such a way that they make others look like they were created by His apprentice. What I find annoying these days is how people now mistake fine to mean beautiful. When a girl is told she’s fine by a […]

Ladies, Signs That You Have The Best Husband Ever


It is not easy to locate Mr. Right. One who you would spend your life with. While keen observation is key to find that near perfect man, there are signs that if your husband or man to be shows you, then he should be the best husband you can ever have in this world. According […]

Men: Seven Signs To Know She Has Friend Zoned You

Hey bro, if you like her and you just cannot understand why the feeling is not mutual but she is actually friendly to you, it just might be that you have been friend zoned and the question of having a relationship with her that transcends beyond being “more than friends” does not arise.  The “Friend […]

13 Important Things Every Girl Observes In A Guy


What Every Girl Observes in a Guy Its never easy to understand ladies. There are some of the basic things a girl will look for in a guy whenever they see one. These are common factors that has disqualified many guys from getting into a relationship with the lady of their choice. They are as […]