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15 Reasons People Don’t Like You

Reasons People Don’t Like You While hate is a strong word and best reserved for things like racism and bigotry, there are plenty of things that can bring about a deep dislike for someone. Here are 15 of the most common. 1. You lack manners. Whether it’s chewing with your mouth open (gross), not saying “thank […]

Happily Never After: The Issues that Split Nigeria Couples


MRS. Gbemi Olufemi prides herself in her almost 30-year old marriage to her engineer husband. He swept her off her feet with his hardworking na­ture, his undying love and generosity 32 years ago. Even though they have had their share of problems, challenges and trials along the way, they were both committed to making their […]

7 Real Reasons Nigerian men run from marriage


Previously, one of Nigerian Infopedia writers wrote on the type of women Nigerian men love to marry and in that article he explained at length reasons why men have such preferences when it comes to women. In this article, I will spell out reasons why these same Nigerian men run away from marriage. Ladies, you […]

9 Types of Women Nigerian Men Love to Marry


Marriage itself, is entirely different from being in a relationship. Although, marriage is a simple but yet advanced form of relationship because its for better for worse until death separates both parties. Nigerian men are one of a kind and could be intolerant when it comes to the type of women they want to marry […]



1. S*x doesn’t keep a man, if you like, turn 360% on bed, he will still dump you. Bleach until you become white, if he doesn’t notice the qualities of a wife in you, he will leave you. 2. A man who win your love with cash may not stay forever. Real men doesn’t settle […]

Why Men Would Always Cheat

Why men will always cheat

Ladies this one’s for you. You need to know that all men, whether good or bad are prone to cheat. There is also no disputing the fact that women are also guilty but the tendency is high in men. You might also want to argue that not all men cheat but I will prove my […]

How To Avoid Mistakes Made By Newly Weds

If you are about to get married or recently got married, I would like to say congrats and welcome you and your spouse to a whole new world, a whole new life. Do you know why? Newlyweds are like fresh students who just got admission into a university. At first, you feel so happy that […]


Every woman wants a happy home, a good marriage, loving husband and children. Below are things that every woman should know that can improve her marriage. 1. Instead of complaining, whining, or raising your voice, speak softly with clear, concise, respectful, and loving language. How do you do that? Before you “react” stop for however […]