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Godfrey Okoye University: History, Faculties & Courses Offered

Godfrey Okoye University (GO University) was founded in 2009 by the Very Reverend Father Professor Dr. Christian Anieke for the Catholic Diocese of Enugu. The university, which got its operational licence on 3 November 2009 from the National Universities Commission (NUC), belongs to the Catholic Diocese of Enugu in Nigeria. It is the first university […]

5 Ways to Look Like a Real Hero in the Eyes of a Girl

Do you think you need to be a soldier and fight in order to look like a hero in the eyes of your beloved? If you do, then you are very mistaken, mate. We talked with the columnist of a well-known men’s magazine, who combines the work of a journalist with psychology and found out […]

Scientific Facts about Beauty, Sex & Relationships


There are so many in-explainable things when it comes to love and feelings. “Chemistry” – this is a popular description of what happens between a man and a woman. What makes us fall for a particular kind of people? Why do we see some people attractive and stay indifferent to others? Scientists know the answers. […]

Top 4 Android Phones For Gaming


Gaming is a favorite pastime for millions of people around the world, regardless of their age, gender, and occupation. As mobile phones have gotten more advanced, it’s not surprising that today you can successfully play the newest games using your smartphone. Find out which 4 Android-based phones make the best gaming devices and shop for […]

Top 6 Questions about Currency Trading Answered 


For novice traders Forex is a phenomenon associated with lots of questions. It is evident that Forex is a very lucrative trade, one that comes with lots of advantages. To enjoy this set of benefits a rookie should always enter the market with a clear vision and view. It is only possible then to get […]

New Shopping: Shopping at Classifieds

You have definitely heard something about classifieds. Probably, you have heard A LOT, for they are becoming more and more popular. But do you really know what real classifieds is? Classifieds website is a place, which has gathered dozens of thousands of advertisements posted by people from all over Nigeria. If we compare this online […]

DPPC Celebrates Annual Thanksgiving

The atmosphere at the Divine Power Pentecostal Chapel, was glorious. Worshippers dressed in splendid cultural attire danced freely to the sounds of worship and praise to God for his protection, guidance and blessings through the year. Seeing the congregation, one would not be mistaken to notice that they were people bonded by love and peace […]