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List of Frequencies of Free to Air Channels in Nigeria (2019)


There are interesting Free to air channels in Nigeria to watch if you are not bouyant enough financially to opt for pay TV subscription plans such as GOTV, DSTV and Star Times which are expensive. These FTA channels are available for broadcast, but we doubt if most Nigerians are taking advantage of these new innovation […]

How to Identify a Fake Memory/SD Card

With the high demand of smartphones, tablets and other high level gadgets in Nigeria, the purchase of getting a memory/SD card to add as an additional storage to the memory of the device is imminent. The high demand for these memory cards has seen imitations arise which makes it difficult for a buyer of such […]

Easiest Way To Download Videos From Youtube


Youtube is a video channel that enables users stream videos online without an option to download them. Streaming Youtube videos can be frustrating especially when you do not have a strong internet connection. Its no news that streaming videos from Youtube directly drains your data. Although, there are a lot of software, sites out there […]

Spectranet Unified New Data Plans, Cost & Validity: Full List


All Spectranet Unified New Data Plans, Cost & Validity 2018 Spectranet Internet in Nigeria has come up with their latest new unified data plan which is now affordable for Nigerians. Spectranet is the first Internet Service Provider to have launched the fastest 4G LTE internet service in Nigeria. Although, they face stiff competition with Smile […]

Airtel Unlimited Data Plans, Prices & Subscription Codes 2018


Airtel Nigeria has recently introduced unlimited data plan to its teeming subscribers in Nigeria. The Airtel unlimited data plan comes in three different categories at different prices.  What is not clear as at the time of writing this post is why there are three different unlimited data plans if they were truly unlimited? One point […]

Durable Tecno Phones With 4000mAh Battery Capacity

Before setting out to buy a new Tecno phone with long lasting battery life, there are lots of things are put into consideration when making your preference on the type of phone to buy. Many people are brand loyalists, some are camera freaks while some consider a lot more than that. In Nigeria where power […]

Phones With More Than 6000mAh Battery in Nigeria

Android Phones With More Than 6000mAh Battery capacity in Nigeria with 4 days heavy usage. With these phones you don’t need to carry a power bank or a charger. The battery is arguably the most important features in smart phones. A phone may have thousands of amazing features, but without a good and long-lasting battery, […]

Good Tecno Phones With 5000Mah Battery: Top 6

It is clear that the constant power failure plaguing Nigeria will not come to an end soon. These days, it is very common to see Nigerians going to work, schools and even church with their mobile phone chargers. There is no doubt that the current situation in the country demands the use of mobile phones […]

Best Tecno Phones in Nigeria 2019: Prices & Specs

If you are planning to buy a new phone, then there are lots of things to put into consideration before proceeding to purchase the phone. A lot of people lay more emphasis on specs such as camera quality. This is mainly considered by selfie addicts. I mean, people who will always take snapshots on every […]