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Cyprus Visa Application in Nigeria: Requirements & Types

To travel to Cyprus from Nigeria, you will need a visa. How to apply for Cyprus visa easily, requirements, documents for Cyprus visa application, types etc, is what this article is all about. As one of the ancient countries on the Mediterranean, Cyprus is an island country located in Europe but is divided into two. […]

Best Hotels in Sokoto State: Top 5


Hotel business is thriving in Nigeria and Sokoto state is one place where you can find such cheap hotel to lodge in to relax, enjoy and flex as you like and desire, provided you can afford the service charge. Nigeria is blessed with lots of wealthy people who know how to invest in hotel business […]

List of Visa Free Countries For Nigerians 2018 (updated)

Do you know that there are certain countries that you could travel to without Visa as a Nigerian citizen. These countries are regarded as visa free countries for Nigerians and are mostly based in Africa. Although, the visa requirements for Nigerian citizens of these countries varies, some countries listed below would grant you visa upon […]

Top 10 Best Road Transport Companies in Nigeria


If you travel by road often, you will most definitely know the difference between the good road transport companies and the not so good ones. The quality of service matters and the speed limit is also of great importance. In this post, Nigerian Infopedia brings you the top road transport companies in Nigeria.  The travelling […]

Spain Visa Requirements & Application In Nigeria


If you are financially buoyant and would love to travel to Spain, but do not know how to apply for a Spanish visa, this article will guide you on the procedure to get your Spain visa application in Nigeria easily. Although, there are other types of visas to gain entry into Spain such as the […]

Countries With The Easiest Visa Procedures For International Students: Top 4

Over time, studying abroad has actually become more accessible to students in a number of countries. You only need to do your research well enough to reveal these countries with good tertiary institutions and relatively easy visa procedures for international students, and take advantage of their offers. Nigerian Infopedia, shares 4 countries with the easiest […]

Official UK Visa Fee In Nigeria 2018: See The Right Amount


Its normal that Nigerian citizens will love to travel to the UK for various reasons. So when you Google how much is UK visa fee in Nigeria, you will be confused as there are various conflicting information on the matter. Apart from the process of getting the UK visa on the same day they apply […]

How To Renew Nigerian Visa On A Minor’s American Passport

How to obtain Nigerian visa for children or minors abroad

Here are the simple guidelines & process of obtaining Nigerian visa for children or minors living in America, the processing fees and requirements. If you stay outside the country, you will notice that the process of obtaining Nigerian visa is difficult and stressful. Well, with the help of the internet, it has been made easy […]

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