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The Misconstrue And Misconceptions of “Aluta” By Nigerian Students

 The word “ALUTA” in the real sense classically means “STRUGGLE”; the word is widely associated with a STRUGGLE for Freedom or LIBERATION of people from any form of Oppression, Repression or Subjugation. ALUTA was a household word used in AFRICA when the generality of the Africans were charting and chanting for freedom from the Colonial […]

Advice For Students- Things to work on before graduation

1. Spoken English It is so sad that majority of Nigerian students in tertiary institutions don’t bother about polishing their spoken and written English. Some graduates speak English worse than a toddler, making one wonder what they spent 16 years in school doing. You hear them saying things like “he come and slap me and […]

Joke: Obasanjo and Oshiomole, Who Ugly Pass?


JOKES Obasanjo and oshiomole were seated next to each other during a service in church. The pastor said “turn to your neighbour and say, “you are beautifully and adorably created by God,” Obasanjo looks at Oshiomole for a moment, then laughs out loud and told the pastor, “please tell him yourself”…I don’t want to lie […]

This Good Samaritan Put A Smile On This Beggar’s Face

Little Rahma put a smile on her face as a good Samaritan moved by her story gave her a wheelchair. Before now, she was moved around in a plastic bowl. Now she has her own wheelchair. Image credit: Sani Maikatanga via Aishat Alubankudi What a touching story. Please put a smile on some one’s face […]

Explosive Facts and Figures! GEJ vs Buhari

1. Goodluck Jonathan sold fuel at N87 while Buhari is selling at average of N200 & above and fuel is selling half it’s price all over the world, yet Buharists think Jonathan was more corrupt/wasteful. 2. When GEJ Budgeted N1bn for feeding in Aso Rock in 2014, (halved it to N500 million upon shouts) APC cried wolf and now Buhari’s […]

Editor’s Desk: What Is Christmas All About?

You know when people send cards and gifts to one another, when you can find evergreen trees glittering with lights and ornaments in homes and stores, when people look forward to seeing a jolly white-bearded man in red suit named “Santa Claus”, what do you think is around the corner? Of course, almost everyone knows […]