Check Out Mourinho’s Three best Footballers of all Time: The First Will Surprise You

There is a notable absence in the Portuguese manager’s shortlist, with Pele and Maradona taking two of the spots as Mourinho chooses his favorite best three footballers of all time.


Jose Mourinho, Portuguese manager of Manchester United, has chosen his three best footballers in history.

It is a decision that has gone viral on social media, and that the coach’s son, Jose Mourinho Jr, a goalkeeper at Fulham, has confirmed to be true.

Mourinho provides his top three of all time and surprises with his choice, not by those included, but by the absence of a player he has worked with.

The former Real Madrid manager states, in a comment retweeted by his son on social media: “For me, the three best players in history are Messi, Pele and Maradona.”

A podium that any lover of football would agree with, but which in Mourinho’s case does surprise, for the fact that Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo is not included.

Cristiano is a player that Mourinho has managed and has always praised. But he does not make his former boss’ trio of aces.

It should be remembered that the son of Mourinho who retweeted the quote is a passionate follower of FC Barcelona, and their Argentine forward Leo Messi



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