Chelsea FC: Another Loss To Heavy To Bear

I am writing this post without consulting the Editor of this site because he is a Chelsea Football Club supporter. I am not going to take it easy with the club as I do not sympathize with their current prevails.

It seems quite open to me that everything has gone wrong for the current Premier League tittle holders. The pitch, fans, referees, F.A, the staff and more so, even the players who are carrying out the business on the pitch for the club.

Yesterday, they lost to a team that cannot boast of having a record as theirs in all ramification. Little Bournemouth cruised swiftly past Chelsea FC in a dogged fashion as will put it “the most embarrassing defeat in Mourinho’s managerial career.”

Of course, there must be blames as this is normal with Chelsea fans. I could imagine them pinpointing some particular players or the referees and even the television they are watching if not careful.

With this loss, a vivid look at the Premier League table will help you understand how the future stands for Chelsea. It is no more a fight for the top four but a fight not to be relegated to the second division.

The self acclaimed tag of their manager “the special one” needs now to be changed to the “the suffering one” as Jose Mourinho who is suffering from the worst period in his managerial career would need all the support not just to change Chelsea Football Club current woes of even playing in the Europa League but to save his job.

The Big Question is- Will the impatient fans of Chelsea FC still trust Mourinho to turn the tide this season? Till then let other rival clubs enjoy Chelsea’s woeful state while it last.


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