Comprehensive List of all Tribes in Nigeria

Nigeria as a sovereign states is made up of different ethnic groups and tribes. There are about 250 tribes in Nigeria with various cultures. These tribes are within the 36 states and capital in Nigeria. You should be aware that the major ethnic groups or tribes in Nigeria are the Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa and Fulani.

If you are looking for a comprehensive list of all tribes in Nigeria, this post will provide that. Below is the full list of all ethnic groups in Nigeria

  • Hausa
  • Igbo
  • Yoruba
  • Abayon
  • Abua
  • Achipa
  • Adim
  • Adun
  • Affade
  • Afizere
  • Afo
  • Agbo
  • Akaju-Ndem
  • Akweya yachi
  • Alago
  • Amo
  • Anaguta
  • Anang
  • Andoni
  • Angas
  • Ankwei
  • Anyima
  • Attakar
  • Auyoka
  • Awori
  • Ayu
  • Babur
  • Bachama
  • Bachere
  • Bada
  • Bade
  • Bahumono
  • Bakuluing
  • Bali
  • Bambora
  • Bambuko
  • Banada
  • Banka
  • Banso
  • Bara
  • Barke
  • Baruba
  • Bashiri
  • Bassa
  • Batta
  • Baushi
  • Baya
  • Bekwarra
  • Bele
  • Betso
  • Benin
  • Bilei
  • Bille
  • Bina
  • Bini
  • Birom
  • Bobua
  • Boki
  • Bkkos
  • Boko
  • Bole
  • Botlere
  • Boma
  • Bomboro
  • Buduma
  • Buji
  • Buli
  • Bunu
  • Bura
  • Burak
  • Burma
  • Buru
  • Buta
  • Bwall
  • Bwatiye
  • Bwazza
  • Challa
  • Chamba
  • Chamo
  • Chibok
  • Daba
  • Dadiye
  • Dajka
  • Dakarkari
  • Danda
  • Dangsa
  • Daza
  • Degema
  • Dghwede
  • Diba
  • Doemak
  • Ouguri
  • Abana
  • Ebuira
  • Ebu
  • Efik
  • Egbema
  • Egede
  • Eggon
  • Egun
  • Eket
  • Ekoi
  • Epie
  • Esan
  • Etche
  • Etsako
  • Etung
  • Palli
  • Fulani
  • Geruma
  • Gira
  • Gombi
  • Gude
  • Gwari
  • Gwoza
  • Ibibio
  • Igala
  • Idoma
  • Ijumu
  • Ika
  • Ikwerre
  • Isoko
  • Isekiri
  • Kafanchan
  • Mambilla
  • Mobber
  • Nupe
  • Oron
  • Opwan
  • Oworo
  • Poll
  • Tiv
  • Tula
  • Urhobo
  • Yagba

Those are all the tribes currently in Nigeria at the moment.

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  1. Good job. But these can not be all at the moment but the one you know at the moment. I know of Jukun, Igede, ufia,etilo, maigili and so many more.

  2. Good job but these can not be all at the moment because I knew of Jukun, Igede, Bikwara,Etilo, Ufia, Maigili, etc

  3. Good job but you should have at least stated the state each was found.

  4. Totally incomplete. Where are all the different tribes in Northern Cross river like Yala, Boki? Where are the Afemai (Etsako etc)? Where are the numerous tribes in Plateau like the Ronkuleri? Where are the Ndokwas/Kwales of Delta State? Where are the numerous tribes in North Nigeria like the Shuwa Arabs?

  5. Lolz,i know all you want is people’s comments. Well, Kafanchan is not a tribe but a name of a city. The languages around that vicinity are more than fifteen. We have the Jju, Kagoma, Kagoro, Atyab, Marwa, Jaba,etc

  6. Ndokwa is not a tribe they are igbos. Ika, Ikwere etche, ndoni(not andoni) are not tribes they are igbos. Egbema is not a tribe they are igbos. Why didn’t you divide the Yoruba man?. Many groups that you called tribes are not. They are dialects spoken by groups of people in the same tribe.

  7. In your list ijaw language is not there,? The language of the formal president of this great country Nigeria president GEJ.pls do your correction. thanks

  8. Good job. But you may wish to note that the tribes in Kaduna State alone is more your list. So it is in Plateau,Bauchi,Taraba,etc. Ones more well-done.

  9. These are definitely incomplete. Many tribes are missing in your list. Please correct your heading from “Comprehensive List” to “Tentative List”. Many languages in the Middle Belt and Northern Nigerian were omitted. They include but not limited to these ones I can remember now: Berome, Afizare/Annaguta, Tangale, Waja, Kwalla, Taroh, Zar, Cham, Tera, Bola, Wurkun, Filiya, Ngas, Magawvul, etc… Take note that there are over 500 languages in Nigeria.

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