How to Contact Uber Lagos Customer Care: Phone Number+Office Address

This post contains how to contact Uber Lagos customer care service details in Lagos, Nigeria. It also contains their phone number, office address and official website

Uber ride in Nigeria was established primarily to solve the need for residents in Lagos to get a reliable and comfortable ride whenever and wherever via a smartphone application (Uber app) that connects riders with drivers in the area.

The easy to use Uber App makes it possible to contact any of the Uber drivers in Lagos. Do you want to be an Uber partner or have any question about Uber ride that you don’t understand, then you might want to contact the Uber Lagos customer care service or even visit their headoffice to book an appointment.

Uber Lagos Customer Care Details

Uber Lagos Head-office Address

To contact Uber Nigeria at their headoffice in Lagos, visit: The iLx Centre (Venia): Plot 8, 2nd Floor, Providence Street (Samsung Building), Lekki, Phase 1.

Email: [email protected]

Greenlight sessions: Office Hours from Monday to Friday is 12:00pm – 2:00pm (Book An Appointment)

On-boarding session: Office Hours from Monday to Thursday is 2:30pm (Book A Session)

Uber official website is:


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    1. Make sure you apply for the session before 3pm and your name should come out.

  1. Please today is 31 the date I suppose start with my new partner but I still have the former person in my platform,what can I do?

    1. Send a mail explaining your issue to uber customer care as seen in the post above

      1. I have a problem getting a cab. Its telling me av not paid when I made payment.

      2. please my account has hold since days now, what can I do

      3. is uber in portharcourt. How do i contact or register with them

  2. I was surprised to receive a message from uber that i am owing fare of #2100 under cash payment and of which I ACTUALLY PAID the cash to the driver before alighting from the car. The ride was made on Tuesday 22/11/2016 in the morning. It is not possible for passenger on cash payment method not to make payment before leaving the vehicle. Please hold the driver responsible for not indicating my cash payment.

  3. I made a trip today at about 4.30 pm from Surulere to Lekki, Elegushi area via Osborne Rd and Boudillon Rd, Ikoyi and was stunned to see a N13,370 fare. I’d made a similar trip yesterday from the same pickup and drop off points at a cost of N1,400. I want to believe it is an error as the said N13,370 recorded a 77.7 miles distance. I wonder how the distance from Surulere to Lekki will be 77.7 miles

  4. Pls i used uber last week thursday 24thfrom 8am to ikeja and lekki via mr tosin the driver drove a toyota corolla and i settled him all my bills cash…and since then i have been trying to request uber and it keeps say i have outstanding bill of 2,550 which i dnt understand ..after settling him cash for all his trips and all …

  5. I intend to register my jeep on the Uber service Platform.
    How do I go about it?

  6. Temidara Elizabeth (Mrs)

    I was stranded at Trade fair complex this afternoon and tried to see if I could get an uber ride. Upon booking the ride it showed an indication that the driver would get to me in 83mins. I immediately put a call through to the driver who told me he was in Surulere and I immediately told him to cancel the trip as waiting for 83 mins was totally out of it.

    On getting to Surulere I decided to take another uber to my final destination in alausa, Ikeja and upon getting home the uber driver told me the fare was 3,470 but I got a notification indicating that the actual fare was 2,500!!!!
    I didn’t get to see the mail notification till after the driver had gone.
    Am honestly feeling cheated here after singing the praises of uber to my friends and family.

    Why would the driver charge me 3,400 when the actual fare was 2,500?
    Are you charging me for the cancelled trip or what?

  7. ransome christopher erhikevbe

    i am impressed by your modes of operation.

  8. Hello Team Uber, i have done the inspection of my car but i fail the inspection due manufacturing date of the car 2002 but the car is in superb condition. kindly help as i want this car to be on uber.

  9. Okpetsagha Raymond

    My name is Okpetsagha Raymond,pls I want to know why my result is not out yet. My phone number is:07033133759 my email address is:[email protected] Please I am begging Uber in the name of God. The last test I wrote was on the 30.dec 2016 at Samsung building in lekki.pls I have spent so much money paying transport to to ur office pls sir.
    May God bless Uber

  10. Ransome christopher erhikevbe

    pls send me the uber office number in Abuja. I want to get some clarifications on some things i do not understand while filling my form online.Regards.

  11. I called a cab from my office to take me to eko hotel at Ademola adetokunbo, the cab didn’t pick his call ,not for me to call another cab cos I was in a rush. To my surprise getting to my destination was charged for the first cab I didn’t use, the cab man telling me that is how it is done, this is so wrong Pls, I want my money back . Thank you.

  12. I’m ayodeji ayodele I need uber’s customer care number , I want to know how uber works I want to do business with them, I want to know every details about it . Thank you.

  13. I picked up a rider from bisola durosimi lekki Phase one,to Niyi okubi and waited for her,after which took her to Skye bank PLC,to make use of the ATM,when she was done, I took her to Walter carinthon Victoria island,but while on the road there was traffic, after drop off her fare was calculated and it amounts to 5,046,but she told me that she isn’t gonna I told her to email Uber clarification, and she said is gonna get back to me.

  14. I took uber on Tuesday from my crib to Eko hotel Victoria island after the ride the driver told me price is #5600 and I paid through Mobile transfer because I was to pay with POS and he said he wasn’t with POS only for me to get a receipt of 4900 then I called the driver all he could see was that he saw 5600 on the app and I made a complain yesterday and answered some questions from whoever was replying me and since yesterday no reply again I see how efficient uber is.
    Only for me to wake up and saw an alert of uber deducting 4900 from my account again for the same ride that your driver did a cheap fraudulent act with
    So what exactly is going here?
    My first ride with uber? I didn’t know you guys are not well organized because I’ve never experienced this with taxify

    I want my refund and explanation for this inefficient,unprofessional and lack of good management for all this

    Thank you

    Sent from my iPhone

  15. Why was I charged 300naira by just registering my credit card. I was not notified of this charge.
    Kindly return my funds & chancel my registration accordingly.
    Thank you, I enjoy the uber trips.

  16. I want to become a driver in uber how can I come about it pls help me uber my name is adedayo 08136107731

  17. I want to know if 2003 Toyota corolla can be accepted by uber, for the car is very very clean, and good condition. Thanks.

  18. I took an on-line test and was told rejected on my profile,after a week i began to recieve text messages that i passed the text,i then contacted uber in lagos,but was told that i did not pass,later i recieved a call from Alabama U.S.A that from uber head office i passed i told her (the caller from uber HQ) that she should forward a mail to lagos in effect to change what is not right,please i need a reply on this,here’s my login [email protected]
    com u can call 08098061955 for password,thanks.

  19. Good day sir, my husband and I boarded uber (black Camry car) around 3:00am this morning from Ikeja City Mall (shoprite) to Magodo Phase 2 Shangisha (precisely, Abayomi Owulade Str). The driver is dark skinned and chubby. We forgot our samsung phone with number (09099650913) which we used in requesting for uber and thus has all the driver’s details. Please, help us contact him. My husband’s name is Tunde Ajape. Thanks

  20. I am in Lagos and want to use Uber taxi. I need your phone number to give you a call

  21. I sat for a test on 27/02/2017 for a driver at JKK. Since I have not heard from you. Does it mean I did not do well or should I not get a reply even if I did not pass?

    1. Send a mail to the uber customer care ail as seen above. Thanks

  22. My friend order for uber on 7-03-2017 it was early morning from Troy bar and restaurants close to lekki toll gate, the uber driver robbed my friend at a gun point, med away with her Samsung phone, and a Nokia with her ATM and other stuff, I am still trying to locate the uber driver number, once I get it I will post it here, uber please your drivers are turning into arm robbers ,my name is Vicky

  23. Hello, uber has been coming corrupt in Nigeria, drivers are charging any amount they like. My wife try check how much would cost her from ikeja to ikorodu, uber is telling following day that she has N1,000 to pay for checking why? Why can’t uber leave phone contact on website for report? Now, wife called uber from ikorodu to Egbeda uber car damage on the road, my wife and baby stock on the road nobody to help, the uber driver couldn’t call other driver for help telling my wife to wait till they repair the car. Is that a service you promise Nigeria? We say no to this.

  24. Good uber it a very painful thing that those that are ready to are those you are rejecting.for example.last week monday my wife kids requested an uber driver by name EDMOND JULIUS LEKAM phone number 09091669442 .from my house to ojodu berger i they were travelling for a wedding .getting to the park it charged #7980 My wife paid after like 4hrs letter she arrived at ondo state she wanted buying something for the family she notices her wallet was no were to be found immediately she called the driver through my sons phone and the driver received the car .conversation. Hy Julius please did i forget any thing in your .Julius.yes ma after i got to the car wash to wash my car i noticed a wallet inside the opening it there was #189,000.00 1 iphone 7 and some other make up items.wife .how can i get my property. Julius .since you didnt travel with your husband send me his number and house or office address i will drop the items my greatest surprise the following day at abot 8am i saw a young man at my gate explained himself i was very happy for him i prayed for him and gave him #20,000.00 .and i rated him 5*.and also told uber to promote my greatest surprised my wife came back on sunday saturday getting to the park she called Julius to come and pick her that he will be our pravate uber driver. The respond Julius gave her was madam am very after been sincerity with my passenger and uber i was deactivated .so am saying this to uber it is not fear for such person not to be awarded rather be deactivated please uber if you dont want God to fight for him please activate the poor boy….thanks Julius Edmond lekam may God reward you in Jesus name Amen.

  25. Hello uber I ordered for uber last at Victoria island …I called the uber guy he told me he couldn’t come because of traffic ..and I cancelled the trip.. and i ordered for another he came to get me..only for me to get a notification to pay one thousand naira for a trip I didn’t go for

  26. Dear uber.i registered my Toyota corolla as a driver but I’m yet to be contacted after I have uploaded my car documents and my Drivers licence and I was successful also got a code from uber.pls what next?

  27. I’m sunday ijogi, please I discovered that my phone number is not the number in my account I don’t known the phone number that is there

  28. Helo uber ,Pls I came to do driving exam on the 22,march ,2017, and I have not see the result ,pls help me ,

  29. Uber is a scam. I ordered for Uber on Monday but the driver did not arrive at the stipulated time instead he took forever and it was raining heavily where I was. After the rain I still wanted for him but he did not come then I canceled and left after about 30 minutes . on Friday of that same week I called u we again from oworonsoki to alausa and behold when I got to work it said 2758 naira. Ha……… I paid Sha after I got out I got a mail from Uber charging me for the trip cancelled Monday. Why was a mail sent after I paid on this trip, why wasn’t I called to know the reason I cancelled which was due to the negligence of the driver. Why charge me for a trip that never happened. You are thieves and no customer service number.

  30. The drivers did cancel my trip twice! After calling me on the phone and saying that they were arriving and in the next trip they made me paying 2000 neira 1000 for trip because they said I cancelled when I actually I did NOT! I want to be reimbursed !
    I have been sending messages to report this problem to Uber but no answere!

  31. Please my phone was stolen sometime ago, of which my card was registered to my uber account, can the account be deactivated and how do i go about it.

  32. Uber charged me twice for a trip card was debited and I also paid cash to the driver ..this is fraud …I demand a refund or am going on social media to protest #ubernigeriaisFraud #lagosyellowTaxisareSafer..chiaka 08068776309

  33. My name is Gbolahan Ajulo, I did uber assessment test the 10th of April, 2017,and am yet get the result. Please what,do I do?

  34. Emmanuel ogabo obeya, I have done the driving test with uber but haven’t see my result till nw, pls help chack it nw. Thanks

  35. Good morning,Am Adeboye Tosin I have sin-up on your site and you text me to book appointment for my screening and last weeked you text again to come and inspect my vehicle for free at maryland mull but I can’t make it but you text another message to me yesterday to come on Saturday again but is not the same address and the address is city mull,onikan,lagos island. please I want to know if it is true

  36. I want to drive with uber, I have a nissan quest 2008 3.5s working perfect with up above six seater,and it’s very comfortable

  37. Pls i want to enlist my car for uber its a toyotta corola how can i go about this pls

  38. Hello uber, I have completed my car inspection and passed and I have tried uploading it in my dashbard this morning and its showing pending review. Please could you guys kindly activate my car so that I can start work. Car number is ksf803dr kia rio 2014 black. Thanks for your swift response

  39. Joshua Simpson ola

    I sat for Uber screening test on Jan 27th 2017 at ikoyi, and was told that the result will be sent to me in a week time,till now av nt seen my result either failed nor passed

  40. This is the most difficult registration process ever. Still can’t upload my driver’s details after 4 months. Frustrated!!! Uber please stop sending me texts if I am unable to register thank you.

  41. Uber in Nigeria operates more like a topical Nigerian 419
    Setup. Difficult to reach after money changes hand. Double
    charges, fake charges even when it’s their drivers that don’t
    show up. Nasty!

  42. How sensible or reasonable is it that I get billed for a trip that was cancelled by your driver who never contacted me? Utter nonsense! Saw a notification, but it disappeared before i could read it, only to get a mail after payment; otherwise I would not have paid! Anyway, as I type, I have already deleted your app. Thank God there are other options. Nonsense!!!

    1. Madam sorry about also an uber driver. Please next time click on the trip and choose help and report. Uber will review and refund u.currently uber is working on drivers like that.

  43. Aondohemba John Tseayo

    I just had a bad experience with your driver now and there is no number to call and lay a complaint. Meanwhile I have been billed while the driver never showed up

  44. Don’t understand dis Olakunle of Uber, I requested for Uber at association Avenue said its coming & I kept calling the driver no response. After awhile he canceled the trip and is charging me 1,000 for a trip I didn’t ride & I didn’t cancelled myself. what madness is dis? Uber is truly fraudulent with no customer care number to bad, how do passengers report their experience for improvement in service?

  45. Good morning All,please I don’t understand,I requested for a trip from my house at Alagbole which i got connected with one Mr Banjo with this phone number: 08095281610 he said he is at fagba and bluntly told me that he can’t come that it will take him 20mins to get to my area. All of a sudden he cut the phone on and end the trip and I was told that I have outstanding balance of #1,000.pls can someone explain to me why this unprofessional behavior from uber and the reason of paying the #1,000,else I will delete uber right now from my phone and tell friends about this fraudulent act on social network.

    1. Sorry about that. Am a badge carrying driver with uber and we hardly my do that. Please kindly call the driver assigned to u immediately next time and ask if he is coming or not. When a driver is completing a trip nearby he can’t dial a no till he is done with the current trip.uber will surely refund u if the trip requested was cancelled in less than five mins.

  46. I did uber test online on Monday I have not received any reply yet

  47. I have uploaded my driver license and also did a test for driving because my Siena was 2008 model. Which I taught may not meet up the standard requirements.

    1. Visit the green hub at lekki.2008 vehicles are well accepted at uber

  48. Abdulkadir Ahmed kuja

    I was paired with my partner yesterday cause they send me a text. I logd in and saw that it was true but I did not click on d car plate number to activate it. As I logs in this morning wanting to click on d vehicle number to start work. The app is telling me now that error no vehicle configured.

  49. Iam happy to hear from you about my vehicle documents, pls I made a mistake to 2008 while it was 1998.iam very sorry, though I did the test for driving yet no response as that. Thanks for prompt update and follow up your customers.

  50. Good evening, one of your drivers by name Kanu Emenike, with these mobile lines, 08033787878, 07025050505. This man stole my 27,000. He took the money from my bag. By the time I got to my destination I did see my cash again, then when I called him, he agreed that he took the money to solve his immediate needs which I told him to return my money, but he’s playing with me. So I decided to lay a complain. Kindly look for a way to talk to your driver to return my cash or else I will come to the head office.

  51. This is my first time of using the UBER thing and I think I have just been scammed. I made a request and cancelled it in less than 2 mins yet I was debited for N1000. Is this some joke?

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