The Cost of Nigerian International Passport Currently 2017

We formerly wrote on how to apply for a Nigerian passport online. This time, we shall look at how much does the Nigerian International Passport cost currently this 2017.


One of the necessary things you must have to travel abroad is your international passport. You should also be aware that there are two types of Nigerian passport namely: The 64 pages passport and the 32 pages passport. The difference between both passport has been covered extensively here. But note that the 64 pages passport was introduced for Nigerians who travel frequently especially when they exhaust their 32 pages.

How Much is The Nigerian International Passport Currently this 2017?

The cost of the Nigerian international passport for 64-page passport is N20,000, while applicants for 32-page passport below the age of 18 cost N8, 750 while those between ages 18-60 years will pay N15,000. For applicants above 60 years; applying for a 32-page passport will cost N8,750 at the Nigerian immigration service office.

Renewal of the Nigerian International Passport

If there should be any need for renewal of a lost passport, the amount of N20,000 would be paid, while change of name as a result of either marriage, death, or even divorce would cost N8,750. We often advise that you apply for a new Nigerian passport and avoid the stress attached to renew an old passport.

Documents Needed to Apply For a Nigerian Passport

Before you would register or apply for the passport, the following documents should be made available at the Immigration Office:

  1. Passport Application Form
  2. Your payment slip
  3. Local government state of origin
  4. Birth certificate document
  5. Driver’s license and
  6. Two recent passport sized photographs in white background.

Visit the Nigerian Immigration Service website to know more about the cost and application for a Nigerian International passport.


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  1. What will it cost me to make four int’l passport for a family of four. (Father, mother n 2 sons below age 8). Thanks

    1. Depending on their age

  2. What will it cost me to get int’l passport for a family of four. (Father, mother n 2 sons below age 8). Thanks

  3. Hello, with the recent no passport pages situation in Nigeria, what is the best way to get a passport renewed within a week or two.

    Please respond, i see you don’t respond to your audience comments.

    1. Sorry for the delay in response, according to a reliable source, you would have to pay double if you must be given the booklet and to the right source as the papers for the booklet is scarce and expensive.

  4. What stress is attached with international passport renewal? I plan to renew mine as soon as possible because the old one expired in March 2017. How much does renewal cost, what docs would i need to provide and how long would i have to wait? Thanks

    1. Honestly, it is now stressful unlike before and its kind of expensive since the booklet i now scarce

  5. what if u don’t HV a driver’s license can I still get the international passport?

  6. I lost my passport so I want to new one is possible to do a passport without them finding out
    I need so urgent

    1. i doubt because everything is now computerized

  7. How much is International passport (express) and where can I get the authentic one in lagos.

    1. From 30k upwards. Go to the immigration office at ikeja

  8. How many days will it take for me to do my international passport and how much, am doing it for the first time.Where in Nigeria will it be easier for me to do it and the result will come out quickly, thanks

    1. Although, there are many places that you can go to do your international passport, i will suggest you go to the Nigerian Immigration office

  9. I leave at lekki victoria island lagos..Please admin. do u hav any branch at V/I. If (yes)How can I locate ur office

    1. We don’t have a branch at Lekki or Victorua Island. Please go to Ikeja at the Nigerian Immigration Office

  10. Thank you admin for this platform..please the application form, is it obtainable at the immigration office or it is downloaded online

    1. You can get it from the immigration office

  11. many days does it take to obtain an international passport?

  12. am ondo state based
    where can I do it here

  13. is it a must I get driver’s license?

    1. Not compulsory if you already have your national identity card (ID card)

  14. With the recent news that payments for passport should be made at the bank and not at the office how do one go about it. Also my passport is expired can I apply for a fresh one instead of renewal cause I will be changing my last name… kindly respond. ThanksAdminn

    1. General Procedures for Passport Application as seen on the immigration’s website:

      Visit the Home page of Nigeria Immigration Portal
      Locate & click on the appropriate application form to start the process:
      e-Passport Application Form
      MRP – Passport Application Form (Not Applicable In All Missions)
      Select a passport type “Standard e-Passport” OR “Official e-Passport”, then click on ‘Start Application’ button.
      Fill the Application form; check the ‘I ACCEPT FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE INFORMATION PROVIDED IN THIS FORM’ check box then click the “PRINT” Button to print filled form.
      Click on ‘Submit Application’ button to view ‘Applicant details page’
      Click on “Proceed to Online Payment”
      Click to select Payment Currency “Pay in Naira” or “Pay in Dollars” option then Click on ‘Continue’ button
      Choose the currency you want to use for payment (Naira or US Dollars):
      If you selected option to pay in Naira, you will be prompted to select PayType (payment method): “Bank”, “Credit OR Debit card”,
      If you intend to pay at a bank, selected “Bank” and click continue,
      View the list of participating banks and then click on ‘Continue’.
      The “Print Acknowledgment” button will help you print “Payment Acknowledgment Slip” with Transaction ID, Application ID & Reference Number.
      With the copy of your Payment acknowledgement slip, proceed to a participating bank for payment.
      On making payment at the bank, you MUST be issued with an ‘approved payment platform provider’ receipt that contains a “Validation Number”. You will need the “Validation Number” for confirmation of payment on the portal. (For use of your Validation Number, see the section on Validation Number below)
      If you intend to pay through Credit/Debit card, select “Credit/Debit card” and click continue,
      You will be required to fill in your log-in credentials.
      After filling in, click “Login” button and you will be sent to the payment portal
      For proceeding with the payment click the “PAY” button.
      Payment portal display application details, click on “Continue” button.
      You will be prompted to “Value Card” payment page, provide information of your card & Click on “OK” button
      After payment, the “Validation Number” is generated. Store it and use it to confirm the payment.
      You can also print a receipt by clicking the “Print the Receipt” button.
      Using your Validation Number
      After payment, having obtained the “Validation Number”, proceed to the NIS portal for confirmation of payment:
      Go to the “Query your Application Payment Status” and enter your Passport Application ID and Reference No.
      If a “Validation Number” field appears, please enter the number from your ‘approved payment platform provider’ receipt. Remember: Validation Number has been generated after payment through Bank also.
      Click the “Search Record” button and you will be sent to the “Applicant’s Details” page where a date for your interview has been generated.
      You can now print a Receipt or an Acknowledgement Slip by using the buttons on this page. (You will need them for your interview).
      You will be presented with your NIS e-receipt or Acknowledgement Slip in a new window. Click on “Print” button to send a copy to the printer.
      For Payment Outside of Nigeria
      If you select a processing country other than Nigeria, your payment will be in US Dollars. You will be re-directed to an approved payment platform to complete your application and make your payment in US Dollars.
      On confirmation of payment, proceed for Interview with relevant documents. Please, note that your interview schedule, final e-receipt and acknowledgment slip are only accessible using your Validation Number.
      To print your NIS e-Receipt
      On the portal home page, click on the ‘Query your application payment status’ link
      At the next page, select ‘Passport’ as an option under the ‘Application Type’ drop down
      Enter the following details:
      Application ID
      Reference Number
      Validation Number (if applicable)
      Submit the details
      Your full application details shall be returned
      Scroll down the page and click on ‘Print receipt’
      You will be presented with your NIS e-receipt in a new window
      Click on ‘Print this receipt’ to send a copy to the printer
      To generate your Passport Guarantor’s Form
      Click on passport guarantor’s form at the home page of the Nigeria Immigration Service
      Enter reference and id number generated on the acknowledgment slip
      Click Print to print out first page and next to print out second page (You will still be required to click the Print button)

      General Documents required for interview:
      Standard Passport

      Local Government letter of identification.
      Birth certificate / age declaration.
      2 recent colour passport photographs
      Guarantor’s form sworn to before a commissioner of Oaths / Magistrate / High Court Judge
      Parents’ letter of consent for minors under 16 years
      Marriage certificate where applicable
      Police report incase of lost passport
      Submit application with supporting documents to passport office / Embassy / High commission

      The Following Tables list Passport Application Fees by Age and Booklet type.

      Booklet Type AGE 0 – 17 AGE 18 – 59 AGE 60+
      32 Pages 8,750 15,000 8,750
      64 Pages 20,000 20,000 20,000
      Booklet Type AGE 0 – 17 AGE 18 – 59 AGE 60+
      32 Pages 65 94 65
      64 Pages 125 125 125
      Official Passport

      Letter of introduction from appropriate State Government, Federal Government Ministry / Organization.
      Marriage certificate where applicable
      Police report in case of lost passport
      Letter of appointment / last promotion .
      Submit application with supporting documents to passport office / Embassy / High commission

      Seamans Book Requirement

      Local Government letter of identification
      Birth certificate / age declaration
      2 recent colour passport photographs
      Submit application with supporting documents to passport office / Embassy / High commission


      Acknowledgment slip & payment receipt plus 2 recent photographs are applicable in all cases
      Print out copy of duly completed application form
      Take printed and signed application forms to Passport office / Embassy / High Commission for further processing
      A guarantor must attach the following documents
      Photocopy of Data page of Nigerian standard Passport
      Driving License or National Identity Card

  15. I want renew my passport, it’s expired 2 yrs back,, the problem my passport carried 3 names while all my official documents carry 2 names, so I want change it to tally with my documents , want to remove one name,, what is the procedure and what are things needed to do that. Thank you

  16. How can I secure passport for a family of 6 both parents and 4 kids? And how much will it cost in portharcourt.

  17. How can I secure pasport to my self ,my wife ,and 2baby girl 3years ,another 1 is 9mount ,am a 33years ,my wilfe is 28 year ,how much ,ade fro sango ogun state

  18. please I need an international passport, how much will it cost me and what is the duration of the passport?

    1. Sorry for the delay in response. From what i gathered, international passport is 64k

  19. Good afternoon admin, pls i applied for international passport already and have been given a date for my interview but i have a problem with my guarantors from. how do i fill it pls coz am really confused on who is eligible to fill it and also, must i fill the two pages? kindly respond to my comment as urgent sir. tanks

    1. Sorry for the delay in response. Your guarantor must be a Nigerian, a government worker but with acertain level in service. Most at times, you can get a guarantor at the immigration office but you would pay a little token for it.

  20. hi am 22 year old how can i get my passport very fast and how much is it pls

  21. please ur office in Abuja

  22. am in Lagos please how much will it cost me to get international passport and how long will it takes to be ready

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