Dasuki’s Saga: A Case Of I Don’t Know You

Its trending everywhere- on blogs, websites, newspapers, TV channels and even to the man on the street. The Dasuki’s drama has now taken a new face as he is ready to spill out more name of those who benefited from the alleged stolen loot.dasukiAs we all know, Dasuki is currently facing corruption charges for extra budgetary expenditure under the Goodluck Jonathan administration in the alleged arms purchase deal worth $2. something billion dollars( correct me if i am wrong).

Wow, what a figure! What a money! even a righteous man will fall at such amount. An amount that can feed nations or even generations, entering maliciously into the pockets of some select few who have sworn that ordinary Nigerians who don’t have access to touch or even see such funds for their well-being will continue to swim in penury.

Many of those who were involved in eating the meal of 2.something million dollars are already confessing that they collected less than what the embattled former NSA exposed. Even a popular blogger was said to have been given N240 million and such claim was denied by him/her(name withheld), A known pastor(name withheld) who was allegedly paid for spiritual consultation and purchased a private jet also denied, a popular Imam also denied, and even media houses also denied e.t.c

All this denials should not be overlooked but should be thoroughly investigated as no one is above the law. But alas, as the saying goes, “everyday for the rat, one day for the cat,” some of the culprits were caught by the arms of the law and they are facing charge upon charges as the drama matures with time. But will the law take its cause on behalf of the lives that were lost, both in the military and the innocent civilians whose blood are crying with that of Abel for justice?

Its funny that one of such persons, Raymond Dokpesi was told to pay 400 million to be released on bail. He couldn’t meet up and spent the night at Kuje prison. Why not Kiri-Kiri?. Nigerians are not surprised at all as all these corrupt people are been brought to book. The problem is that will these corrupt people ever go to jail? or is it just a staged drama after which such case will be swept under the carpet?

Let’s leave the Judiciary to answer such questions as Nigerians are watching keenly. But until then, the Dasuki’s drama still remains a case of i don’t know you.


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