Official Emergency Help Lines in Nigeria

Find below a list of important emergency numbers in Nigeria you can call when you are in trouble, harrased, or want to report a case.

Emergencies are sort of natural disaster that does not give cautions or forewarning before occurrence. It happens whenever, however, wherever and to whomever. No one is above disasters or accidents, but it can be checked.

Apart from emergency, there are other occasions that might need quicker helps. So many people don’t actually know the emergency numbers in Nigeria. Most people will tell you its “911”, but that’s not the helpline number in Nigeria.

This article below will guide you in knowing the emergency help lines in Nigeria and these lines should be dialed when one or people are in a critical matter/ issue.

  1. NAHR: Nigerian Army Human Rights – 08161507644, 08160134303 (if you are being harassed of flaunted by Army officials).
  2. IGP: inspector General of Police – 0805966666 (sms reserve only)
  3. LES – Lagos state Emergency service – 112 or 767 (this sums up of both Traffic service, Ambulance and Police.
  4. FHL – Fire help Lines (Lagos state) – 08033235892, 01-7944929, 08166215327, And 08033706639.
  5. LASTMA – (Lagos state Traffic Management Authority) – 08023909364, 0802311742, 08075005411.
  6. FRSC – 122 and 07002255372.
  7. CAH – (LAGOS STATE) – Child Abuse Line – 08085753932, 08102678442.
  8. CDV- (Child Domestic Violence) – 08107572829 and 08131643208.
  9. DV – (Domestic Violence) – Lagos – 08102678443, 08057542266.
  10. VGW – (Violation of Girls & Women helpline) – 0800072732255 – (Rape helpline also)
  11. PEP – (Police Emergency phone numbers) 01-4931260 and 01-4978899.
  12. (RRS) Rapid Response Squad – 08079279349, 07035068242 and 07055350249.
  13. Depression/Suicide prevention initiative – 08111909909, 09034400009, 09080217555, 08062106493 and 07013811143.
  14. SSS- (State Security Service) – 08132222105-9.

Hope you find this information useful.

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