Full List of all Ministries in Lagos State+ Contact Details and Website

This post contains the list of Lagos state ministries their website addresses and contact details

Lagos state has about 24 ministries. The location of all these ministries in Lagos are in Alausa, Ikeja. Ikeja is the capital of Lagos state. Commissioners in Lagos appointed by the Governor of the state are in charge of the various ministries.

Those who work in these different ministries are civil servants.

The various parastatals help to see that government policies are very well carried out. It is these ministries that would ensure the smooth running of the executive arm of government in the state. All commissioners appointed by the governor are in charge of the running of these ministries and they are directly responsible to their principal because they were appointed not elected.

Another information you need to know about these agencies or mechanism of the Lagos state government is that they operate in levels and grades. This is the hierarchy of how things are run in the country and the salary structure depends on the level you attained at any giving point.

Full List of all Ministries in Lagos State & Website Address

S/NMinistryWebsite Address
1Ministry Of Agricultureagriculture.lagosstate.gov.ng
2Ministry Of Commerce, Industry & Cooperativesmcic.lagosstate.gov.ng
3Ministry Of Economic Planning & Budgetmepb.lagosstate.gov.ng
4Ministry Of Educationeducation.lagosstate.gov.ng
5Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources memr.lagosstate.gov.ng
6Ministry of Establishments, Training and Pensionsmetp.lagosstate.gov.ng
7Ministry of Financefinance.lagosstate.gov.ng
8Ministry Of Healthhealth.lagosstate.gov.ng
9Ministry Of Home Affairshomeaffair.lagosstate.gov.ng
10Ministry Of Housinghousing.lagosstate.gov.ng
11Ministry Of Information & Strategyinformation.lagosstate.gov.ng
12Ministry of Justicejustice.lagosstate.gov.ng
13Ministry of Local Government & Community Affairsmlgca.lagosstate.gov.ng
14Ministry of Physical Planning & Urban Developmentmppud.lagosstate.gov.ng
15Ministry of Science & Technologymost.lagosstate.gov.ng
16Ministry Of Special Duties & Intergovernmental Relationsspecialduties.lagosstate.gov.ng
17Ministry of the Environmentenvironment.lagosstate.gov.ng
18Ministry Of Transportationtransportation.lagosstate.gov.ng
19Ministry of Waterfront Infrastructure Developmentwaterfront.lagosstate.gov.ng
20 Ministry of Works & Infrastruuctureworksandinfrastructure.lagosstate.gov.ng
21Ministry of Youth & Social Developmentyouthandsocialdevelopment.lagosstate.gov.ng
22Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culturetourismartandculture.lagosstate.gov.ng
23Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviationwapa.lagosstate.gov.ng
24Ministry Of Wealth Creation And Employmentwealthcreation.lagosstate.gov.ng
25Lagos State Sports Commissionsportcommission.lagosstate.gov.ng
26Central Business Districtscbd.lagosstate.gov.ng
27Office of Overseas Affairs and Investmentoverseasaffairs.lagosstate.gov.ng
28Office of Civic Engagementcivicengagement.lagosstate.gov.ng
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All these information can be gotten online from Lagos state’s website. It would help especially for those seeking available jobs in any of the said parastatas in Lagos or even wanting to get information about them.



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