GLO New Monthly Data Plan: How To Subscribe To GLO New Data Overload

The GLO New Monthly Data Plans was recently released by Nigeria’s Data Telecommunication Giant,  GLOBACOM. This cheap new monthly GLO data plans will surely give GLO a greater advantage over other Telecommunication competitors like MTN, Airtel, NTEL, Etisalat.

glo-nigerian-infopediaOne thing I love about this New Data Overload monthly plans from GLO is that it gives Internet and data consumers, satisfaction for their money. UPDATE 2017: GLO just slashed their data just as other networks

The new Data Overload monthly plans and prices are:

1.6Gb for N1,000

3.75gb for N2,000

5Gb for N2,500

6Gb for N3,000

8Gb for N4,000

12Gb for N5,000

16Gb for N8,000

23GB for N10,000

To choose a plan to subscriber, Dial *777# to subscribe.

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12 Responses

  1. Happiness Ndidi Omeebere says:

    This is fantastic!

  2. Ben Mustafa says:

    Do you have to use up your data volume within the month or will it run until it’s exhausted?

  3. Ayo says:

    Can it work on BB10 or what package(s) is available for BB10

  4. taofeek says:

    What’s the code for bb10 1400 for 4G data plan?

  5. saeed says:

    Will it work on Android phones?

  6. Collins says:

    The one of #1400 for for 4GB will it run until it exhausted or is it only for the month

  7. Lawreance T. Y. Bangbeor says:

    Thanks be to God’s almighty for the GSM companies in Liberia, our Data plan is 80% better than Nigeria Data plan

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