Life’s Advice: What Goes Around, Surely Comes Around

This picture is NOT just about football; its about life phenomenon. The photo sends a strong message to all & sundry about this life.


Here are ‘El Cholo’, Diego Simeone (Athletics Madrid’s Manager) & ‘El Nino’, Fernando Torres (Before he moved to England). As you can see in the picture, Torres captained Simeone, meaning Torres was once his leader. But today, Torres does “yes sir; yes sir” for Simeone because Simeone is his Manager.


No situation or condition is permanent. Nobody is boss forever! So, thread softly. You never know where you’ll find yourself tomorrow. A leader yesterday can be a subject today; a servant today can be a boss tomorrow!

What goes around, surely comes around. Life is alesson. Thread on and with it carefully.

By Sunday Isaiah

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