GOTV Nigeria Customer Care Number and Contact Details

GOTV Nigeria Customer Care

GoTv-Nigeria-customer-careOne of the best and cheap paid satellite TV offered by Multichoice apart from DSTv for Nigerians is GoTV. Although, GoTV is fair considering the fact that you can watch some quality channels on it, there are still other technical problems that can be encountered by the users of GoTV in Nigeria.

If you are looking for information on how to contact GoTV Nigeria through their twitter handle, website, email or support line, then you are on the right page as I will reel out their contact details below to reach them easily.

Contact Details for GoTV Nigeria Customer care

GoTV Nigeria Email: [email protected]

GoTV Twitter Account:

GoTV Nigeria Customer Care number: 08039044688

GoTV Nigeria Website:

GoTV Facebook Account:

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Updated: July 2, 2016 — 10:08 pm

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  1. I renewed my subscription yesterday evening and didn’t get connected after an hour, sent a message on twitter which didn’t get replied till this afternoon. Was told the payment is supposed to be N1,900 not N1,800 that was deducted from my acc and I should pay the balance. I paid with quick teller, sent a message asking how to pay the balance but didn’t get any response. Please how do I pay the N100 balance? IUC- 2028633543.
    Btw- your Twitter response is really poor, needs a lot of improvement.
    I await a swift response- thanks.

  2. My name is olubunmi I reside in Ijoka Akure,Ondo state.I paid for gotv of 1900 on 25 of may this year,it just showing E16 error uptill now please help me clear the error i paid through GTB internet is my IUC number 2017044677

  3. Sunday John Attah

    I renew my payment since on Saturday 27 May 2017, up till now my GotV has not been reconnected. My IUC No 4613261445. I did downgrade (N1300.00). Kindly resolve.

  4. Aniebietabasi Akpan

    Good morning pls i use my FCMB to pay for ma gotv online and up till now its not coming up, its still showing E-16 error . This is my IUC no – 2021723460. I Made a payment of 1800 and was debited two times Yesterday.

  5. good morning I load my Gotv yesterday 2/6/2017 #1,900 , the station that I can view is not up to 10 station the other station is not working this is my IUC NO 2028547352..


    I effected my package change from GOTV plus to GOTV value through GOTV site early this morning. And I made payment of #1300 through my bank mobile app but till now my decoder is yet to show.

    Please, I need urgent help not to miss champions league final tonight. Mr name is Pastor Gabriel AYO AJUWON. My IUC number is 2021972966.

    Thanks so much for your quick intervention.

  7. My is Gloria, my husband used his diamond mobile app to pay for our gotv on Sunday 18th June 2017 and 2000 naira was debited from his account. Up till now it is still showing E16 error message. Please I will like ur quick intervention so I don’t miss my programmes my ICU number is 4613182076 and please what is your exact customer line so we can reach directly incase of future occurrence. Awaiting your response

  8. Inyang Aniekan. E.

    Diamond bank mobile app was used by my wife to recharge our gotv today 21/6/17 2000 was deducted from her account is still showing E16. My IUC number is 4622715474.

  9. Pls can I get connected. My renewed since morning which has never happened before. Iuc 2022597241

  10. pls I beg u as u always beg us to recharge since two/three days ago I recharge and is not showing 2019463923.matiminu from Lagos.

  11. I recharged through gtbank internet banking iuc 2019463923

  12. I recharged my gotv via zoto on 28th of june and my gotv is yet to be is my IUC N0 2019354624

  13. My Gotv is not showing #3 (Mzone) and 25 (Zeeworld) and i called the customer care and the answering machine is not helpful. And is still active till 26th August. IUC 4620917057

  14. IPADEOLA Ademuyiwa Oyedapo

    Good day, well done for the great job you are doing. God bless u more.
    pls I did subscription and paid for Gotv plus 1900 from gotv value package i was before for some days now and I am yet to be activated. the error still showing. pls kindly help out. your swift response will be highly appreciated.

    IUC no: 4613431512
    Gotv plus: 1900

  15. Good evening I load my Gotv account for 1900 yesterday afternoon 17/7/2017and up till now as I speak I can access any stations, please kindly assist me to rectify my account. Here is my iuc number,2009340828. Akande olajide

  16. I just suscribe my gotv yesterday and is not working i need you help ok please my IUC NUMBER IS 2028768209

  17. Goodday, for the past 5 days now I can’t view any channel on my GOTV, my subscription will expire middle of August n my iuc no is 2014258426 thank you.

  18. Pls I just subscribe on my gotv please kindly activate it for me. This is my IUC- 2029031554. Thanks

  19. Good morning, pls I subscriber my gotv yesterday but yet to be activated, I had been calling the customer care line but could not be transferred to speak with anyone. My iuc no is 4613489253. Thanks for ur prompt response in this regard.

    1. Best you send them a mail as their customer care agents hardly picks calls

  20. my name is George I recharge my Gotv since 1 am and is not showing and station till now is only writing e16 error my IUC number is 2029059529

  21. Have paid my subscription by my Gotv has not been connected. my IUC number is 2020764696

  22. Please I subscribed to my decoder with the IUC number 2020854700 but it has not been activated I really hope you can help me with it on time

  23. Fcmb bank was used on 5/8/2017 to subscribe to my gotv decoder with IUC number 2029186140, but it has not been activated till now and it keeps bringing E16 error and today is 9/08/2017. Please kindly do something as urgent as possible

  24. Please I subscribed to my decoder with the IUC number 4623174818 via GT bank on 7/9/2017 and received the following message “Your GOtv subscription package has just been downgraded. if you did not authorize this transaction please contact us.” Please I do authorized the transaction. Thank You.

  25. GOTV is short changing her subscribers by removing wrestling from etv channel and place it on SSelect Sport 3, so that those who subscribed for N1300.00 could no longer watch, it is really unfortunate, also i have be deceived by one of their rep that when i charged before 5th August via text and call, I would be qualified to win 172 litres of petrol that worth 25000.00, but never did, i will surely sue them in due time. my iuc no 4613261445

  26. My name is oYemen and my iuc number is 2020984371I subscribe few hours ago on line Internet bank first bank it has not come up since..pls check and answer me thanks

  27. My gotv subscription expired this morning which I’ve recharged around 9am but up till this minute,my account 2015994076 hasn’t been credited.

  28. I paid for subscription since 24\09\2017 and all I can view is the E16 error code while on the account the payment has been acknowledged. I have wasted money trying to a call through and other correction mean keeps failing. Please I will like to know what will happen to the 3days of E16 error viewing and when it will be corrected. I must confess that gotv service is very poor.

  29. I paid for subscription since 24\09\2017 and all I can view is the E16 error code while on the account the payment has been acknowledged. I have wasted money trying to a call through and other correction mean keeps failing. Please I will like to know what will happen to the 3days of E16 error viewing and when it will be corrected. I must confess that gotv service is very poor. IUC number 4613075105

  30. I just subscrib 600 now vai ebanking but the money deducted from by account was 3500 and the decoder is not showing. If nothing is done I will change my mind

  31. gud afternoon dear sir/ma plz am having problem with my gotv channels, is not showing at all pls kindly help me to reset it 4rm ur office. MY IUC NUMBER IS 2009354278

  32. My diamond bank account was used to subscribe for my gotv since october and up till now have not been able to view any station on it and it keep showing E16 error please something should be done about this my IUC number 4601701888. Thanks

  33. Good afternoon,I on my gotv now & its not loading all channels. Not loading channel 1 which is compulsory. Pls check for me

  34. Pls my channels are not loading correctly & incomplete my iuc no is. 4620879253

  35. I subscribe yesterday but most of the channels are not working and it full payment this 4601806023 pls kindly activate those channels

  36. oluseye ronke titilola

    I subscribe yesterday[4th December thru Gtb via ebanking and they didn’t activate it. My Iuc no is 2020767090 and v bn calling customer since yesterday and they didn’t pick up

  37. Good morning…. I subscribed this morning with my first bank mobile banking app… but no reflection yet.. My ICU number is 2028934818, please look into this… thanks

    1. good morning I subcribed for gotv on 7/12/2017 but is not activated yet my ui no is 4622526728, pls do something

  38. Good day, I make a payment N3,800 into my Go.TV (2009348228)account on 16/12/2017,but up till now my decoder is not up. I paid N3,800 because of the text message got from your office that I can enjoy GO.TV max.

  39. I’m a GoTV subscriber. At the last subscription, some channels did not come on showing E 16 error as the problem. The affected channels include, Sony max, ss select sport 4, viasat life, CBS reality and Fox.Ihave tried many times to get it cleared but with no success.I hereby, solicit for your usual cooperation in rectifying this error in order to enable me and family continue to enjoy our patronage. Thanks.My IUV number is 2018858663

  40. I recharged my gotv IUC since 3rd Jan. 2018 and up till now is not working. I sent SMS still was not working. I used *288*1#. All was not working. my IUC no is 4613824941. I will appreciate if it can be reset immediately

  41. My name is Raymond Momoh.I subscribed with N1,250 on the 9/1/2018.I have not been able to watch any channel. My IUC no. 20099498069.

  42. Have made payment since yesterday but my gotv has not be activated. Please help out IUC 2003660981.

  43. I have paid for my Gotv and up till now I have not been connected my IUC No is 70135334428

  44. I made payment on my decorder ICU number 7017638520 on 24th of this month via Quickteller app. but the reconnection have not been done.

  45. Pls I made payment on 28th Jan,2018 through my diamond Acct,my IUC is 2003683952,and up till now I have not been connected,pls help me out asap.

  46. I subscribed with N1,900 for my Gotv. Channels like Channels News (95), 29, etc are not showing.
    Kindly assist to rectify the problem.

    Thank you.

  47. I made a payment on my decoder ICU number 2019298970 with my diamond banks mobile app. And up till now , my decoder is still not up. Pls assist clear E-16 on my decoder. Thanks

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