Who Is The Highest Paid Military Force in Nigeria 2019? See Answer

The military in Nigeria is made up of the army, air force and the Navy. They are among the respected organizations in the country. It is no surprise that information as to which of these armed forces pay highest is normally sought after.

To answer the question as to who is the highest paid military force in Nigeria, we researched and found out that among the army, navy and air force, it is the Nigerian Air force that is paid more.

Getting a job in this outfit is very competitive especially if you want to enroll as a senior officer through the direct short service (DSSC). According to an online medium, although the monthly take home pay of the Air force is higher than that of army or navy, their is more stability in the Navy than the rest in terms of career.

You can apply for the airforce job when they offer their recruitment on their website. Normally, they offer recruitment for senior officers and junior officers. We shall take a look at the NAF ranks before we delve into the Nigerian Air force salary structure.


Nigerian Air force Ranks

Commissioned Officers

  • Marshal of the Air Force
  • Air Chief Marshal
  • Air Marshal
  • Air Vice Marshal
  • Air Commodore
  • Group Captain
  • Wing Commander
  • Squadron Leader
  • Flight Lieutenant
  • Flying Officer
  • Pilot Officer
  • Airmen

Non commissioned officers

  • Air Warrant Officer.
  • Master Warrant Officer.
  • Warrant Officer.
  • Flight Sergeant.
  • Sergeant.
  • Corporal.
  • Lance Corporal.
  • Aircraftman/woman

The yearly salaries of senior officers in the Nigerian air force runs in millions of Naira. For example, a Vice Admiral annual salary is ₦13,363,229 while the salary of a Rear Admiral is ₦12,038,945. A commander in the air force yearly salary is about ₦3,380,086.

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Monthly Salary structure of the Nigerian Air force

Pilot Officer earns N187,159

Flying Officer earns N218,400

Flight Lieutenant earns N232,484

Squadron Leader earns N248,004

Wing Comdr earns N342,586

Group Captain earns N352,631

Air Commodore earns N677,895

Air Vice-Marshal earns N1,376,343

Air Marshal earns N1,486,451

Air Chief Marshal earns N1,724,283

Trainee earns N10,237

Aircraft man/woman earns N53,892

Lance Corporal earns N55,832

Corporal earns N58,634

Sergeant earns N69,261

Flight Sergeant earns N87,119

Warrant Officer earns N101,974

Master Warrant Officer earns N165,697

Cadet (Trainee) earns N44,564

Air Warrant Officer earns N171,793

With the above information of the highest paid military force in the country, Nigerians looking for a military job still prefer joining the Navy or air force than the army. Which ever you choose, the salary is on the high side for the commissioned officers.

Advantage of Joining the Nigerian Air force (Highest Paid Force in the Nigerian Military)

  1. Physical fitness will be a priority which will make you strong.
  2. Apart from being paid well, there are other allowances accrued as an officer.
  3. You will travel places as you are promoted.
  4. Your salary is due to increase as you are being promoted.
  5. Your respect as a military man or woman is retained especially when you are on camouflage.


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