I Will Be Back 2019- Dame Patience Jonathan

Far removed from the opulence of Aso Rock, Dame Patience Jonathan, former First Lady of Nigeria, has been off the radar, leading a rather lowkey life by her standards in Otueke, Bayelsa.


The Wife of former president Goodluck Jonathan, popularly called Mama Peace, has curiously not joined her husband as he tours the world receiving awards. We caught up with her at the family home in Bayelsa where we discussed Life outside the spotlight, Politics and moves for the future.

FNN: Your exelle….

PEJ: No, just call me mama Peace.

FNN: Mama Peace, how have you managed to stay away from the news for this long?

PEJ: My brother, its God. I am just happy to be alive, me and my husband and children.

FNN: so what has Mama Peace been up to?

PEJ: I have been going classes to get my Ph.D. I cannot allow only Ebele to be answering Doctor in the house *laughter ensues*

FNN: do you miss life in Aso Rock?

PEJ: I cannot tell you lie, I miss it. But to God be the Glory, in 2019 I will be back there

FNN: Wow! Does President Goodluck intend to run again?

PEJ: Noo, not Ebele. Me

FNN: Wow Wow Wow

PEJ: yes O my brother. I have been looking Tele and seeing what Hilary is doing in America. If she can contest, I will contest. Man have been ruling our country since 1960, but look at us. Suffer suffer everywhere.

FNN: So you fancy your chances of becoming president? Do you think you have the CV?

PEJ: Did Obasanjo have CV?

FNN: Valid point.

PEJ: look, this our country have mature to have a Woman President. Hilary that is contesting, does she have two head? The woman in Liberia does she have 2 head?

FNN: But Mama Peace, do you think you have the requisite political clout?

PEJ: I have requisite, I have deposit. Go and look at Wike in Port Harcourt. I will not say more than that. Those wey know know *laughter*

FNN: Well it’s been a pleasure interviewing you Ma. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

PEJ: Thank you my brother. Greet your family for me.



Updated: August 4, 2018 — 6:22 pm

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  1. Godswill

    I wish her the best of luck.. Long live nigeria. God is in control..

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