Legal Grounds For Divorce in Nigeria

The grounds for divorce in Nigeria are legal reasons that the law permits for the dissolution of a lawful marriage by one or both parties (couples). This is because there are periods when a couple feel they can no longer tolerate, live together as husband and wife under the same roof and would like to part ways by legal consent i.e through divorce.

For customary marriage, your grounds for filing a divorce petition must have valid evidence as stipulated by the law to get a divorce in Nigeria. Filing for a petition of divorce is the first step as both parties may be presumed to have exhausted all reconciliatory means before court proceedings.

Grounds For Divorce in Nigeria

The following are the different grounds under which divorce can be filed:

  1. No consummation of the marriage. There hasn’t been any sexual intercourse between the couple
  2. Either of the couple engaged in adulterous act
  3. Evidence of an unreasonable behavior/conduct such as bestiality, rape, habitual drunk, murderer, sodomy, attempted murder of spouse, beating and inability to take care of spouse.
  4. If the either party abandons the other for at least a year prior to filing the divorce petition.
  5. Separation between the couple by mutual consent.
  6. When either of the couple fail to comply with a court order on the marriage.
  7. Either party of the married couple has been presumed dead especially in cases of disappearance.

Those are the legal grounds for divorce in Nigeria


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Updated: November 1, 2016 — 9:40 am

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  1. Amala

    You know, its funny how different nations have their own laws and regulations concerning divorce and how the Bible has its own rules as well.

    The Government of nations do not regard what the bible says on the matter. The people who are concerned will happily follow either of them as long as it benefits them.

    Others will say “God forbid! Me i won’t divorce.”

    And me what will i do? Ill just watch how it all unfolds from a distance.

    My rank is over.

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