Who Say They Are Rivals? Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo Reach 1000 Career Goals In Unison

The pair (Messi and Ronaldo) are seen as the best when it comes to the game of football. Both have dominated the scene for the past 10 years, achieving feats that might seem impossible to reach, breaking and creating countless of records as they do what they know how to do best “Play Football”.


Recently, Messi and Ronaldo reached a mile stone between them. Both have now racked up a total 1000 career goals following Messi’s strike against Spanish La Liga title contenders Athletico Madrid, played at the Camp Nou.

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Of course, no on will doubt the fact that the pair are rivals as well as their various clubs, Barcelona and Real Madrid. One cannot deny the fact that both football icons push each to be on top of each other’s game.


Unfortunately, Lionel Messi is seen as the better of the pair having won another Ballon d’Or to add to his collection of Ballon d’Or’s making it five while Cristiano has just won it three times.

Anyways, who is better of the two, Messi or Ronaldo?


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  1. That’s a great moment for both the players and they have shared the happiness with each other. Congrats to both of them! (Y)

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