List of Top 10 Biggest Churches in Nigeria Today

Biggest Churches in Nigeria

Almost all churches in Nigeria claim to be the largest with the highest congregation. Some of their members would also boast that their church has the largest auditorium and is the biggest in Nigeria. Well, I won’t be surprised as these so called Nigerian churches of today focus more on money, population and popularity rather than the true Christian religion which is to win souls for Christ Jesus.


With different big church denominations in Nigeria springing up, fake pastors are also on the increase using sweet bible verses to lure members to vomit money all in the name of God. These so called men of God end up being among the richest pastors in the world. Well, this post will not focus on these fake pastors in Nigeria but on the biggest churches in Nigeria with the largest congregation, auditorium and popularity.

For the records, the biggest church in the world with the largest congregation or population is the Roman Catholic Church which is headed by the Pope at the Vatican city. Below are the List of Top 10 Popular and Biggest Churches in Nigeria Today.

1. The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG)

This is the most populated Pentecostal church in Nigeria with the highest membership of more than 2 million persons. The Redeemed church of God also has the largest auditorium that can accommodate its members especially during their crusade along Lagos Ibadan Expressway. The current General Overseer of RCCG is Pastor Adeboye, a highly respected man of God in Nigeria. They also hold the record of the Pentecostal church with the most branches in Nigeria.

2. Mountain Of Fire and Miracle Ministry (MFM)

This church was founded by Dr. Daniel Olukoya. The church’s auditorium can accommodate about 550, 000 persons during a service. It is one the most popular church in Nigeria with Redeem.

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3. Living Faith Church World Wide

Its other name is Winners Chapel International. It is among the biggest in Nigeria today. The owner of the church is Bishop, David Oyedepo and the church has its headquarters in Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria.  The church is able to seat up to 250,000 people at once. Sometimes ago, it was labeled as the largest church in the world by the Guinness Book of Records.  The land on which the church is located is called Cananland and it represents the global headquarters of the church.


4. The Apostolic Church

This is one of the oldest churches in Nigeria that has branches almost every where in Nigeria. The membership base of Apostolic church in Nigeria also run in millions. The church headquarters have been under construction for about 26 years now.  The church auditorium is located in Lagos, Nigeria and can sit up to 100,000 people at once.

5. Deeper Life Christian Ministry

Deeper life ministry was founded by Pastor Williams Folorunsho Kumuyi. Starting his ministry with just 15 persons in 1973, the church has grown to be one of the most popular churches in Nigeria. Deeper Life auditorium which costs almost N4 billion is also one of the biggest in Nigeria that can sit up to 30,000 people.

6. The Commonwealth Of Zion Assembly (COZA)

Coza ministry started in 1999 by Reverend Biodun Fatoyinbo.  Since then, it has grown to be one of the biggest in the nation with its branches across Nigeria. Its new headquarters is located in Abuja.

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7. Christ Embassy

Christ Embassy is a poplar Nigerian church owned by influential Pastor Chris Oyakilome, one of the richest pastors in Nigeria and even in the world. The church has its branches spread across Nigeria with its headquarters in Lagos.

8. Daystar Christian center (DCC)

The church is currently owned by Samuel Adeyemi who believes in raising leaders and models in Christ. The church’s auditorium is also large. Pastor Sam is more of a motivation speaker than a preacher.

9. The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministry (LCCRM)

This is a massive church in Nigeria with large membership of mostly Igbos. The church broke out from the Catholic church and has its headquarters in Lagos.

10. Fountain of Life Church 

This church was very popular in Nigeria and one of the biggest when one its owners was alive, late Dr. Bimbo Odukoya. The church is still doing pretty fine with its message focused on the single and married.

Although religion in Nigeria is influential, the various denominations in Nigeria are attracting more members to their fan base. For example, Pentecostalism has almost toppled the orthodox churches in Nigeria as many Catholics and Anglicans are now running into these Pentecostal churches due to the miracles performed there. That is why at the moment, the Pentecostal churches in Nigeria are the most popular not just in Nigeria but in Africa.

Below is a list of the most popular Pentecostal churches in Nigeria presently

  • Redeemed Christian Church of God
  • Living Faith Church
  • Christ Embassy
  • DayStar Christian Center
  • Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries
  • Fountain of Life Church
  • Covenant Christian Center
  • Synagogue Church of All Nations owned by Prophet T. B. Joshua
  • Latter Rain Assembly
  • House on The Rock
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  1. Peterson

    As for Deeper Life, could you please take your research to their campground called Deeper Life Conference Centre, Km. 42, Lagos – Ibadan Expressway.

    If you’re coming into Lagos, it is located after Redeem Church and before Mountain of Fire.

    Please do tell us what the hall capacities could contain.

    Redeem and MFM you accredited that number to aren’t built in modern or standard church formats. They’re only wide and long halls joined together.

    Deeper Life that seats 30,000 capacity is a sweet modern church auditorium located at Ayobo, Lagos.

    Living Faith of such church seats 50,000, though they’re building new one now I don’t know it’s capacity. Thanks.

    1. Jedidiah

      Living faith church new auditorium is 100,000 capacity

  2. A visit to Brother Joshua Iginla’s Champions Royal Assembly in the City Of Wonders, Kubwa-Abuja might bring a change to your listing.
    It seats 80,000 congregants.

  3. Olusola

    You are very wrong.Do you Assemblies of God Church with attendance of over 2M.Also the first Pentecostal church in Nigeria.

    1. Tony destiny

      I think Assemblies of God church should be in the list because I believe it is a popular church in Nigeria and I also think the first Pentecostal church in Nigeria.

  4. izuchukwu

    please the new deeper life building located in gbagada,i want to know the capacity and also the height

  5. tariebi ego


  6. Ben Omidiji

    Churches with largest congregations in Nigeria can never be determined with the size of auditorium, but can be known by the numbers of their followers. Redeemed Church or Winners chapel can never be the largest church in Nigeria. Churches in Lagos with large Auditorium or building along Lagos Ibadan express way are not enough to be determined the largest Churches in Nigeria. There are ministry such as Anglican communion, Roman catholic, Celestial churches who does not believe in building a common auditorium in one particular place; but having churches all over Nigeria, towns, villages or rural areas. for example, Redeemed Christian church of God are not common in the Northern part of Nigeria. whereas, Anglican Churches are every where. In the Eastern part of Nigeria, Roman catholic church shares congregations alongside Anglican ministries. These two churches or ministries got largest church members above any Pentecostal churches in Nigeria.
    Nigeria Pentecostal Churches are sharing congregations. the same group of people who are attending Redeemed church will also turned up at Mountain of fire and they would also attended winners chapel.
    Moreover, if every denomination in Nigeria will be building large auditoriums along Ibadan express road, people would have known and obviously seen that Redeemed or any other Pentecostal churches are not the largest Churches in Nigeria. Moreover, not everyone that attends Redeemed holy -ghost camp are fully settled to be members of Redeemed or other Pentecostal Churches.

  7. chuck

    u should change the title to biggest pentecostal churches then, cuz the Catholic Church and Anglican church are the biggest and not here mentioned.

  8. Gideon

    You are very wrong with due respect.
    Throughout my findings, the deeper Christian life ministry has the largest congregation in Africa, how comes it’s the fifth in Nigeria by your list.
    Well i appreciate your findings, but don’t forget that there are well informed people as well.

  9. Dare

    I think the caption should rather be “The top 10 largest built and completed pentecostal churches “in Nigeria”!



  11. Modupe Badejo

    I dont know how you categorise the popular church in Nigeria, I made bold to say Dunamis International Gospel Church should be in the list of popular Pentecostal church in Nigeria.

    1. Ok, I even think the catholic church should even be the highest because they have population

  12. Ideal

    The question is, of what relevance is this analysis to the body of CHRIST?

  13. Tewogbade Gbenga Emmanuel

    Eyahh Nigerians are seriously blindfolded aw will we be arguing over capacity and members
    one of the problems of this country is Religion
    politicians will steal money then pay their fat thithe and offering to all this churches and they believe they are safe
    Every pastor wants to have a mega church but nobody want to help the country by establishing industries and other social benefiting amenities
    since our pastors know that they have access to all this rich people let them use the money to help the masses
    apart from that religion is also some of the reasons of the out rise of crime because we have different believes and we believe any believe that we dont believe in is wrong and we want to fight
    I am composing this in a deeper life bible church presently but the truth remains the truth
    some take reference to Solomon
    But the truth is that big temple was the only one in Israel but in Nigeria we have his too many mega churches which exort money that is supposed to be used for other things
    even Jesus or his followers never collected money to build mega church
    But they had all things in common
    But today our pastors are living in luxuries and we are in poverty
    now tell me is that having things in common
    So many people don’t have any means of mobility but a pastor has more than one private jet
    Nigerians let us be realistic with our selves and see things the way they ought to be
    I remain Emmanuel The young boy that loves others opinion and deals with fact

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