Nigerian Airforce DSSC 2018 Recruitment Is Ongoing: Apply Now


The NAF is enlisting graduates and post-graduates for training as Direct Short Service Cadets.

All applicants must be Nigerians, not less than 1.66m tall for male and not less than 1.63m tall for female. Applicants should be between 22 and 30 years by 30 September 2019 (22-35 for Consultants).

Interested applicants must possess Bachelor’s Degree with second class Upper division or HND with Upper credit in the following fields:

a. Engineering: Software, Network, Computer, Electrical/Electronic, Mechanical, Chemical, Satellite Communication, Satellite Control, Satellite Ground Station, Telecommunication, Aerospace & Aeronautical Engineering.

b. Administration: Mass Communication, Public Relations, Journalism, Television and Film Production, Sports, Music/Instrument Technology, Accounting, Sociology, Criminology, Psychology, Economics, Marketing, Purchasing and Supply, Business Management.

c. IT/Sciences: Database/Network Administration, Web Developing, Network & Cyber Security, IT Robotics, GIS/Remote Sensing, Satellite Image Analyst, Data Telecommunication, Intelligence and Security Studies, Geography, Cartography, Astronomy, Cosmology, MET, ATCO and Fire, Statistics/Record Analyst, Physical & Health, Health Education & Human Kinetics, Biochemistry.

d. Education: Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Arts, History and Languages namely French, German, Russian, Mandarin and Arabic languages.

e. Professions Allied to Medicine: Nutrition, Nursing, Pharmacy, Biomedical Engineering, Vet Medicine, Dental Techs/Therapists, Dietetics, Medical Laboratory science, Medical Records, Optometry, Preventive Health, Clinical Psychology, Radiography.

f. Medical Consultants: General Surgeons, Cardiothorasic Surgeons, Artorpedic Surgeon, Physicians, Paediatricians, Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Anaesthetists.

g. Chaplaincy /Islamic Affairs: Theology, Arabic & Islamic Studies.

h. Legal Studies: Criminal, Constitutional, Procurement, Land and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Law.

Interested applicants are to apply free of charge online at

Applicants are to print out the under listed documents after completion of application online:
a. Local Government Indigeneship Form.
b. Attestation Form.
c. Acknowledgment Form.
d. Serving Military personnel are to note that documents listed in a – c above are not applicable to them, however the special attestation form is to be filled by their current Unit Commander.

Online Registration Starts on 19 October 2018 and closes on 16 November 2018.

NAF online Registration and all other enlistment processes are free of charge and no payment should be made at any point throughout the Exercise.

The Attestation Form must be accompanied by the passport photograph of the signee. The signee is also to endorse his name and signature on the back of his passport photograph and that of the applicant.

For further information, see the instruction page on the website or call the following support lines: 09064145533, 08043440802 and 09055840142 or e-mail:


Screenshot of NAF Past question

For those interested in Nigerian Defence Academy and Nigerian Police Academy past questions contact the admin via phone-07032252176

English- # 1,000

Maths- # 1,500 (NDA)

Chemistry- # 1,000

Physics- # 1,000

Biology – #1000

Nigerian Airforce DSCC Past Questions  – #3000

To get any of the past questions, pay into the bank details

Acc. Name: Ikenwa Chizoba

Bank name: Fidelity Bank

Acc. Number: 6014610845

After payment, send your Name, Email and Teller Number to 07032252176 for confirmation.

NB: The past questions are in downloadable soft copy not hard copy

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  1. nice job you guys are doing. please admin I need your urgent assistant regarding to this air force dssc. am a graduate of statistics currently serving. I will be passing out by September this year, can I apply? considering the fact that anybody applying to this must ve his or her NYSC discharged certificate or letter of exemption.

    1. am sorry, you cant apply while in serving. You have to finish your NYSC and wait for the next batch before you apply

    2. Contact the processing officer on 08148465006 for further information’s and assistance

    3. contact the admin board on 08148465006 for further information and assistance

  2. Cpl Felix Suleiman

    Pls Sir, I’m a soldier graduate with HND in building tech.And i married with wife can i try it?

    1. Yes you can apply

  3. admin, I have bsc
    animal science can I try?

    1. If your course is among the required discipline, u can apply but if it is not among please do not apply but wait till army release theirs. Will keep you updated

  4. Can a Bsc accounting graduate apply? And my age is 36years.

    1. @ damian, unfortunately your age isn’t within the agw bracket of the requirements of the Airforce

  5. Please sir, I am a HND holder, I read MARKETING and am done with my service. I want to know if I am eligible for this.

    1. Marketing is not among the courses slated for requirements into the Nigerian Navy

  6. I am a graduate of Mechanical Engr.I have served.I have been waiting for you to start the DSSC so that i can apply but i had an accident two weeks ago which i had a fracture on the leg.I have done the surgery.Please can i apply?.

    1. honestly, your course is one of the sought after courses for the Nigerian airforce but with the accident that you had ,I don’t think that would be possible.

  7. Hw abt civil engrs? Can we apply under buildin engineering?

    1. @ Ben, I don’t think so because the Airforce and the military are strict on course requirements. Unless you have an Oga at the top

      1. I studied Industrial Mathematics. Can I apply?

        1. @ Ajibola, if your course is not specified, am afraid that you can’t apply

  8. Please I study business admin HND can i apply

    1. sorry, it is meant for science oriented courses

  9. Please sir, i studied urban and regional planning, hnd. can i apply?

  10. Please, Admin, can I apply? I have a master in International Affairs and Strategic Studies from NDA Postgraduate School and a BSC in Political Science. I have B3 in English, A1, 3 other Bs, and 2 Credits but a D7 in Mathematics.

    1. thats a very nice and high qualification you got but if your discipline doesn’t fall with the requirements, am afraid you can’t apply

  11. Admin please clarify me on this building technology, I studied Civil Engineering, I hope am eligible..

    1. it seems your course is associated with building technology but the airforce rules are to rigid to bend. Please contact them via their contact us section in their site to clarify this

  12. pls sir I am Bsc Holder I read sociology but 3rd class position I want to know if l am eligible to applyu

    1. Your course is stated but unfortunately, you came out with a third class. That is where the problem lies

  13. pls sir.I am Bsc holder, I read sociology but is 3rd class position. I want to know if I am eligible to apply thanks

  14. Dear admin, i am a graduate of English language, can i apply? If no, what if i obtain a pgd to make my b.a English language look like b.ed English language???

    1. I ithink its mostly science related course that can apply

  15. pls sir what is the way forward.

    1. try and wait for other Military service to release theirs.

  16. because I really want to joint military

    1. you can join through the Nigerian Army ssc but its not yet out. will keep you informed when its out

  17. Adamu Mohammed Manga

    Dear admin,I read estate management from one of the reputable institution in Nigeria, I graduated with upper credit and it was 0.02 points that prevented me from gradauting with distinction. I did my youth service in Kano where i discharged my primary assignment diligently. I was born in 1986 which I will be thirty years immediately after this exercise. I still got an admission last year to study Linguistics/English and our first semester results was out and I have passed all the courses with 7A and 3C. I have applied for this NAF2016DSSC and my second semester examinations will be commenced on 2 May 2016, I.e a day after NAFDSSC exercise is commences. Please kindly advice me with a view to resolving the mix-up.

    1. its a very risky path you took, but be careful. pray they don’t notice you o

    2. plss admin is there opportunity for a history and internation relation student in the nigerian millitary

  18. Pls sir wen is d screenin startin?

    1. Don’t know yet but will keep you posted

    2. don’t know yet, but i will keep you updated when it does

  19. Admin,I am a graduate of Linguistics and Communication studies, is it advisable I apply?

    1. if your course is listed then you can apply, but if it is not try others

  20. I’m an HND holder with lower credit with certificate in computer studies, can I apply

    1. sorry, The exercise are for holders @kazeem

  21. Olatunde Latifat Adeola

    Admin pls u didnt advertise Dental Therapist.. …wen shd we be xpectin our own adverts…or was it omitted. ..Thanks

    1. @ Olatunde thanks for spotting that out, but i put what i saw on the Nigerian Airforce site

  22. I studied biochemistry with 2.1 can I apply?

  23. Greetings to you Sir/Madam.

    I studied Political science education. Hope am qualified for this offer?

  24. Good day. Please I studied Political Science Education. Hope am qualified for this offer?

  25. Hi admin i read bsc public administration can i applied?

    1. if you have any related course, you should apply

  26. olasehinde olabisi janet

    pls sir I read office technology and management (OTM) I HV HND w lower credit but hv apply as administration/personnel management

  27. Adedayo Adetayo Adewale

    Pls admi i apply for dssc 2016 but i have D7 in English study building tech can it work

    1. English is very important. I don’t think so

  28. Pls I have HND in mass communicatio, I dnt know if I’m eligible to apply.

    1. The airforce do not accept mass communication for now. try Nigerian Army

  29. Pls admin ihave HND in Dental Therapy can I apply because it only dentist that was listed

    1. Unfortunately, Airforce DSSC application is closed

  30. ¤Good day! Please I have Bsc in Sport Science & Distincsion in Advance Certificate in Coaching(wrestling),with 8years experience in the field & still representing competision, am 30years old, I have already applied &done with the first screening 3rd may last tuesday but know i discover that my course is not stated. Please can i proceed or what can i do?

  31. ¤Good day! Please I have Bsc in Sport Science & Distincsion in Advance Certificate in Coaching(wrestling),with 8years experience in the field & still representing competision, am 30years old, I have already applied for NAF 2016 DSSC form &done with the first screening 3rd may last tuesday but know i discover that my course is not stated. Please can i proceed or what can i do?

  32. Am 30th years of age and my weight is 97kg can I apply?

  33. Am 30th years of age and my weight is 98kg but am gallant can I apply?

  34. Mohammad m ibraheem

    pls sir i have in geographic second class lower credic can i apply

  35. Busari Oluwatoni T

    Pls sir i have only RN can i apply

  36. Sir,I studied History and international studies, and graduated with with second class upper.Also am 24 years old,Is their any hope for me.

  37. Ibrahim Adamu Lamorde

    Do Airforce have replacement appointments for professional civil servants like when you have HND in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and a Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science?.

    1. I think they do, but o have to wait until the recruitment for such is out

  38. Can a petroleum engineer apply

    1. if its among the courses stipulated Yes, but if it is not there, no you can’t apply


  40. I am James and have the listed requirements above for the airforce dssc but have done appendix operation in the past 15 years which has no effect to my gallant nature till date, so Admin can I really excel if I apply…???

    1. That will be the airforce that will decide

  41. My name is Wilson,I mistakenly use my result mathematics and statistics to apply for the position of an accountant instend of the position of education in the ongoing airforce recruitment.
    Should I live it or i should go and apply for the position of education again?

    1. You can try and reapply again but it’s kind of risky

  42. i have lower credit in statistics can i apply

    1. If you meet the requirements, you can but if you don’t, you can’t as they will sieve out those who did not meet up with the requirements for joining the Nigerian Air Force

  43. Plzzz can a bsc in Geography and planning apply???? plzzz I need urgent answer

    1. It depends on the courses released by the Army

  44. please im a business administration graduate and willing to apply for either airforce or navy i made research on the two… some results shows me that i am eligible while some shows otherwise, and i really need to know whether i am or not… im awaiting your opinion please.

    1. It depends on whether your course is listed among the required courses in the requirements

  45. Am an HND holder and i studied computer science but i came out with a lower credit and also i have my NYSC discharge certificate. can i apply?

    1. If its for dssc, it is mostly for graduates from the university

  46. Nice job you guys are doing here I love this blog!!!

  47. Can fields other than science partake in this please ?

  48. Is this for only university graduates??

  49. Bsc Mass communication can I apply please?


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