Nigerian Governors Salary: How Much Nigerian Governors Earn

You might want to find out how much a Nigerian Governor earns, well look no further, this article will enlighten you on Nigerian Governors Salary, what Nigerian Governors take home as their pay.


In Nigeria currently, the take home pay of Governors have quite reduced as opposed to what past Nigerian Governors earned. The reason is simply because of the new policies adopted by the Presidency to manage funds in Nigeria. The new policy does not only affect the Governors but other high ranking officers in the Nigerian Civil Service.

Currently, a Nigerian Governor’s basic salary is N2.22 million, their deputies earn N2.11 million while their Commissioners earn N1.33 million per month. It has been debated that given the present economic challenges facing the country, the salary of the Governors is still high and needs to be reduced since they still receive other allowances.

There you have it, the figures are on the basic salaries of Nigerian Governors. Are you for or against the reduction of Nigerian Governors Salary any further due to the economic situation in Nigeria? Do air your views in the comments section.


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  1. John

    For me governors should not collect more #500, 000 per month . They are not serving the interest of nigeria’s masses with the amount they are collecting presently. People are dying of hunger very day.
    May God us.

  2. Him

    The salaries is too high, what happened to security vote money.

  3. Haris

    Their Salary is too high for all time, not just at the time of economic recession. There are some allowances that are even more than the basic salary.

  4. Unstoppable

    It will be a fruitful effort if all this is getting to them (governors and the rest). Let them be sincere for once and stop eating the future generation, that will later take care of them in their old age i.e. if God allows them to grow old.

    1. But should we blame them or ourselves for putting such men in power?

      1. Emediong

        It’s the law makers that amended the constitutions that is latter pass into law

  5. Adeyinka

    The salalry is too much

  6. Hassan yusuf

    The salary is very enormouse have to be slash

  7. mb Keana

    These are people who cannot afford to pay #18,000 minimum wage. what a greediness of the highest order.

  8. Nwachinemere

    It’s absolute wickedness for these criminals called Governors to earn N2.22m as basic salaries and still leave on taxpayers’ money even for their relatives. This type of thing can only be seen in a useless and God forsaken place like Nigeria. Bearing in mind that most of these criminals are just WAEC holders.

  9. Greatstan

    This is crazy!!! Why should we not struggle to become politicians tomorrow? 2.22Mil excluding security votes.

  10. Adeniyi Tobi

    These are kind of governor who cannot avoid wardrope allowance.what kind of greediness is that!

  11. ogunbiyi kehinde

    I extremely hailed the president for taking this bond strategic steps and this will have a great effect on the Nation both economically and financially and every citizens will have mind of peace and entrust their representatives from various constituency

  12. praiz

    mtweee d salary is too much for Christ sake

  13. okoro shakespeare

    It’s so appalling for this so called governors to receive such a huge amount money #2.22m as a salaries per month while they are doing nothing for the masses. In the same vein, they are still embezzling public funds. God is our heper.

  14. Mahmud Ibrahim

    I Mahmud Ibrahim Mahmud I wish general
    Muhammadu buhari good lock

    1. Augustine Benard

      Na hausa man , wish him shit Goodluck irrespective of his flaws . NONSENSE

    2. Colee

      The Northerners will always praise their own person, no matter how silly he reasons and acts. Foolishness

  15. Chigozie Okorie

    Where is Nigeria heading to?
    A gov. Earning 2.2m as basic, what of allowances, security vote and other unaccounted that they acrue to themselves. Generally put them together so that Nigeria and Nigerians know the real figure governors pay to themselves. It is greed to the highest level

    1. They are the thieves we see in our country

  16. Akin

    In fact is not their salary that matter but they stop ’embezzlement’ that is it

  17. Colee

    Much of what an average governor do daily in Nigeria is for their selfish interest. They wont sign a contract if they cant embezzle thru it. They work for themselves, yet they receive such money as basic salary, meaning they go home with atleast, #10 million monthly. Yet, they owe workers. Nigeria is lost at sea. There’s need for a total restructuring but I dont know how it will ever start. I wish God can come down.

  18. akinnusi and arogunjo

    the amount of salaries that they earn is too much despite we the citizens that vote them in are suffering mysteriously they are less concern hacking to our voice they do not. so their salaries must be reduce base on economic situation arising in Nigeria now,their monthly salaries payment must be reduce.even the salaries of our rep’s is higher than,that of American president,their must be an adjustment of salary payment to the governors due to our economic crisis in Nigeria right now.

  19. Aliu umar

    These our govr are thief there is God ooooo, these money is to much they suppose to collect 50,000 per month

  20. Muhammad S. Ishaq

    When FRSC Will start recruitment ?

  21. Aminu Ibrahim Masanawa

    pls what is the Directors in the State Government and Local Government Salary?

  22. adamu ismail

    the salary is owk for them

  23. Jafar adhama jikamshi

    God forbit

  24. Daniel

    They take so much money but yet do not provide the masses with anything. God help Nigeria.

  25. alaba.o.a.

    they need to consider the public servants that are earning eighteen thousand Naira only for the past years and we are buying at the same market. The masses are not laughing at all because they dont want war of any sorts. I know God will do something miraculous in Nigeria soonest.


    O my god we seek your help and forgiveness we believe in you and depend on you. god bless nigeria and some honesty people in nigeria

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