Nigerian Richest Politicians 2018 as Revealed by the FBI

This list of richest politicians in Nigeria 2018 was compiled by the American FBI. It will shock you to know that Nigeria was currently listed first among the top 10 corrupt countries in the world 2018. One wonders where these Nigerian rich politicians got their wealth from.Richest-Politicians-From-Nigeria-FBI

Would you classify these Nigerian richest politicians among the top billionaires in Nigeria like Dangote, Mike Adenuga, Femi Otedola e.t.c who we know are got their wealth through business and investments or rate them among the corrupt leaders in Nigeria who continually drain the economy of Nigeria at the expense of the suffering masses just to be wealthy.


Without much ado, below are the list of Richest Politicians in Nigeria 2018 and their Net Worth as revealed by the FBI

1. Rochas Okorocha – $1.4 billion

2. Kwankwaso – $1.15 billion

3. Shettima – $1.1 billion

4. Nyako – 805 million

5. Ibrahim – $798 million

6. Amaechi – $757 million

8. Abdulaziz – $626 million

9. Oshiomole – $625 million

10. Aregbesola – $513 million

11. Almakura – $510 million

12. Wamako – $476 million

13. Fashola – $448 million

14. Amosun – $442 million

15. Ahmed- $437 million

16. Ajimobi – $422 million

Who is the richest politician in Nigeria? Facts

Rochas Okorocha is the wealthiest politician in Nigeria and he hails from Imo State. Some might argue that Bola Ahmed Tinubu should be the richest or even first on the list, but the assets and wealth of Rochas when compared with Tinubu speaks other wise. Rochas Okorocha’s net worth is $1.4 billion. To know more about him or his biography, check HERE.

The current party of Nigeria’s richest politician is the All Progressive Congress (APC). Rochas Okorocha ventured into the business of selling used equipment at an early stage. It was doing this business that he claimed he made his very first million US dollars that made him very rich.


From the above list, you can see that Rochas Okorocha is the richest politician in Nigeria. Well, those are the list of richest politicians in Nigeria as released by the American FBI. What do you think about the list?

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  1. 1.4 and 1.15 which is the highest ?

    1. Mustapha, u no go school, i am sure you are a Fulani hersdsman. That’s why you dont know that 1.4 is greater that 1.15 (simple fraction). Aboki

      1. As stupid as u are, u cannot write a simple statement without Grammatical errors. Which school have u attended bench-warmer

      2. Let them make hey this is sunshine for them but one day they will go back to their Lord may be they are not going to die and last forever.

      3. Na decimal. No bi fraction. you wey go school no even fit read.

      4. Why insult someone, please lets be guided with decorum and stop throwing tantrum at anyone like that

    2. Ask them again.are you telling me that Peter odili is not rich or goodwill akpabio? It looks like a list prepared by a pdp secretary

  2. Our money have always been spent and developed most of the foreign country with! Why not develop the country with the money? Since even the government will collect the properties it still belong here.

  3. Hookz Onyebuchy

    Fortunately most of them are allies of this government and they are fighting corruption indeed. What a useless country.

    1. What a useless government

  4. Rochas okorocha keeping students at home… Son graduated from University of Manchester last year.. It’s a pity. God will judge all

    1. But what are we going to do with this men they just keep our money in there house and they say no money in the country?

  5. chukwudi Johnson

    N I A. Sorry for ur mind 4 is greater than 15 we know what u aid, so that the first on the list

    1. This is not 4 & 15 but 0.4 & 0.15; 0.4 is greater than 0.15 by 0.25.
      Please study your Maths & stop blaming the N I A for your ignorance.

  6. Mustapha is a dullard. 1.4 vs 1.15, which is bigger? If you collect 1.15 to its lowest decimal point, it will be 1.2. Now can you compare 1.2 with 1.4? Please go to school.

  7. There will never be change if these men are still functioning as Ministers in PMB administration. PMB take NOTE!

  8. How come they are all APC lol. faggot

  9. This list is bull…
    Why do you keep, IBB, Godswill Akpabio, Tinubu, Obj, Saraki etc. you simply wrote a list of APC governors and attached figures to their names from Microsoft Excell… Else prove it with the reference to the so called FBI document…

  10. I can’t see any pdp governor there I think this list is compiled by pdp and not any FBI

    1. PDP, APC, this party, that party!!! When you should working on how to treat this Cancer in our country, you are looking for PDP govs APC govs. Make una dey sitdown wella… Thumbs up to the lookers…

  11. Williams Olalere

    They also used public money to buy shares in dangote companies,this is why the man called dangote is superrich.

  12. this list should include the names of Akpabio, Wike, Dickson and other gicernors across the land or these other ones don’t have any amount of money to their names?

  13. What is the source of this? I can see only d names of apc Govs.I doubt d authenticity,what about akabio,n his team,tinubu,fashola,uduagan,d mark,saraki,atiku,ibb,abdussalaM,obj…not to mention many,coz dey very many, let fbi check again.these ones are small ones.




  14. The most corrupt politicians

  15. Fake,fake and fake go and do your home work u can’t sell this to us again ….PDP rogues

  16. U guys sud not b a fool dis is talking abt dos that ve acct with der coutry nt Nigeria…and so Mr Tinubu does nt ve any investment abroad so I’d case is differ cos I rep him….

  17. Yangmoh Robinson

    I am waiting for my own billions of dollars, but in a legal way by the grace of Almighty God.

  18. We seriously need positive change in this nation… Even media change… ah ah

  19. I disagree with this list. Where is David Mark? David mark is the richest politician in Nigeria. Pls, you can go and find out.

  20. Hehe, any 1 hu engaged himself in politics has notin in mind other than looting money. So if u get there by chance take ur share.

    1. incomplete list wtout pdp govs,mark dasuki n co.dis is laughable.

  21. What kind of list is this.are u saying pdp people did’nt steal?u must be stupid for bringing this nonsense ur village fbi.

  22. Dis is a continues corruption case. Who then will bring about d change dat nigerians are looking forward to?

  23. As for me, Tunde Idiagbon law must be enforced! We ve been ruled by thieves for many years, God will help us.

  24. Which FBI? This is PDP thugs posting these names otherwise where is diezeni,David mark,akpabio,saraki,IBB,ETC can’t deceive us anymore. Be careful otherwise FBI will trail and prosecute u for this…..

  25. That list is incomplete as my name is not there cos am a billionaire by God’s grace but not a thief like them

  26. okosun emmanuel ehizokhale

    apc,pdp,cpc, ac or which ever one you belong. our politicians should learn to say no to corruption. corruption will do this country no good. God bless Nigeria. OKOSUN E. EMMANUEL

  27. This is a fake news . why dont you include the SENATE CRIMINAL (Dr. Bukola saraki)

    1. The FBI listed the money banked in US soil only.

  28. This is a fake news . why dont you include the SENATE CRIMINAL (Dr. Bukola saraki) ?

  29. What we need is BIAFRA that’s all…….

  30. I guess the FBI got it wrong. This ppl worth more than that amount. A common chairman in the 3rd republic earn more than 600m. Secondly Saraki not included…fake research!

  31. What lecture is our so called ‘polithiefers’ trying to pass to us? Will they take this money to there graves! If yes then the should keep on But if the answers are NO. I think Is high time the use this money for what it is meant for.

  32. This list is a forged list to blackmail some politicians for no just course.

  33. You should have posted yor source… Where did the FBI post this online?

  34. It shouldn’t be only supporters of Buhari, let them include others state holder from other parties if they are sincere. They are stole our fund and we want to no them all.

  35. Those Nigerial Poloticians Are Verry Very Currupt
    What Are the Source of this ?

  36. So this is from Aba FBI to some Nigerian mugus to celebrate and fight over cooked figures. You really don’t how far idiotic wailers will go to discreditvthe APC. Wailers are enemies of the Nigerian State because what most of them want is disintegration of the country and i want the good people on this forum to understand that and be careful as to what information you react to because these irritating idiots are everywhere.

  37. So it is only APC Governors name the FBI released abi, make Una continue…Truth shall prevail at the end


  39. This people where into businesses before they contested for governors on their various states. As such, they were average Nigerians. Never theless,work for EFCC

  40. Writen by PDPings

  41. Where is Bukola Saraki on the list, I guess he owns triple of what all of them has if combined together

  42. With the exception of Okorocha others are thieves. Okorocha was known to be a philanthropist for long before he ventured into politics.

  43. The FBI, the American government and the Western world are all culpable in the corruption and looting of Nigeria and African treasuries because they know that these monies were stolen by these people and they accommodate them because they use it to boost their own economies. They now turn around to say African politicians are corrupt when they are the ones encouraging them. That is why is always so difficult for them to release the money even after agreeing that these monies were stolen. Let them stop their banks or sanction any bank that takes in such money and let’s see if corruption
    will not reduce drastically in Africa. Imagine if all those monies were to be in Nigerian banks, economists please tell me would Nigeria be where she
    is now economically

    1. Pdp Pac all rogues

      The pdp dogs is at it again.. dont be fool by this.. there’s no fbi list anywhere.. this is their strategy for 2019.

  44. I will really be disappointed if some of the names i read in this article are really amongst the people stealing from our national treasury. I think this should be investigated and if it is true those of them who are in this government should be sacked immediately or i will never support this administration again

  45. hmmmmm out of 36 states in Nigeria only 16 states and all are APC states. Where is Akpabio, Talban Minna, FOmer Kaduna State Governor among others.

  46. Zis is fake. U be failed.

  47. To me. Want I know is that GOD we Judge all of us.

  48. It is the money that get into their Head and become sociologically affected that is why they put money in side shalanga

  49. Yet no Igbo’s meaning we ain’t that corrupt except ma bizman bro okorocha

  50. It is shocking. Yet millions of Nigerians are dying in abject poverty. The kingdom of God is at hand.

  51. This is a list prepared by PDP. This total rubbish as far as I am concern. Meanwhile I don’t see any reason why you can not just correct somebody without insulting him.

  52. Shey politicians no include Tinubu,Obj and d rest? Abi dey no dey calculate stolen money?

    1. Dem dey o, infact i will write another post dedicated to them

  53. Are these the sums they made while they are in government at different levels or do they include their financial worth before they joined government? There is need to publish their worth before they came into government offices to avoid misleading the public with wrong amounts. It is also necessary to publish what they were earning at their various levels of government engagements. It’s vital to call the spade what it is to help the security agencies and also avoid crucifying the innocent along with the dirty culprits. But one thing is certain, there is no Nigerian dead or alive who has in one way or the day undeservedly enriched him/herself with public/corporate funds, that would not remain under the curse of God Almighty eternally. For there is no rest for the wicked, says the Lord. Not even their offspring’s and their co-conspirators and beneficiaries, shall escape the incubus propensities of the curse. The word of God said, ‘this curse shall follow them”.

  54. paulmike! your grammatical error can bring back to life a phantom! chaii!!

  55. who is mentioning Godswill Akpabio while his name is not included in the black list above,pls stop insulting my governor ,you are not from Akwa ibom can go ahead and lunch your verbal attack but let it be on the governor of your state/house members.

  56. This is the real problem all these replies with sense, logic and some passion, how ever come election N100,000.00 changes peoples behaviour. Instant gratification forgetting tomorrow.

  57. What kind of country is this?
    We now know who has stolen our money!
    Is Buhari going to do anything about it?
    Some of these rogues are still in office,
    masquerading as normal human beings.

    Wow, they should all be rounded up and
    exterminated. Stealing money on this scale
    must be made a capital offence, period.

    1. Pls help send my details to American FBI so that they can include my name, Dunama Umaru Midlu $1.5B

  58. How about Obasanjo, Badluck Jonathan, Danjuma
    and others? The lunatics have totally taken over
    and finished this country called Nigeria.

  59. Bob u are equally badluck cos u fail to understand the message of this post. These names are account holders in their country not Nigeria.

    1. So what?
      Where did the money come from?
      You don’t really get it, do you?

  60. they must be jocking or let me say they are misleading us. they should just have said list of APC richest politicians holding one office or d other. But I actually can’t believe this is d list of richest politicians in Nigeria bcos we have wealthy politicians in Nig far far more than those listed above. and they are in both ruling nd d opposition parties. God bless Nigeria!!!

  61. But why? people are over there suffering

  62. yoruba will say olodo simple mathematics u don’t no, don’t you know d diff btw 1.4 and 1.15 but God go save us from our so call leader.

  63. Interesting to know…

    See the list of “The 5 Best Nigerian Politicians in Office for 2016” just released at

  64. Most of this money will not their hand until they die. African Man mentality (Acquiring Wealth that you can not be able to use) shame for them

  65. Who is to b blame?America is the one supporting corruption,let them return the morney to Nigerian Goverment if the allegation is true.And this medium is more of political,pdp men are more corrupt than the people mentioned Why?

  66. This list is biased & incomplete, as no PDP govevernor was mentioned. We know d truth & cannot be fooled.

  67. Incomplete list

  68. The US is more corrupt for receiving stolen money from Africa.

  69. See they are not rich o its not their money the money belong to us we Nigerians

  70. Incomplete list
    Kindly supply the real thing and not this lopsided, biased thing. The US and EFCC should work together to repatriate this funds to Nigeria for God’s sake.

  71. FBI Pls Include My Name and my Father’s we have€ 1.65 at midlu bank USA

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