Nollywood Actress Chika Ike Loses Her Legs

Chika Ike

Popular Nollywood actress, Chika Ike was invoved in a terrible car accident that saw her leg amputated in a movie.

Oh sorry, I caught you. This is a scene from one of her movies,thumbs up to the make up artist, Nollywood is waxing strong

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  1. I’m so sorry for such accident, and pls take heart.

    1. Lol.My dear,is not realoo.Only a film tricks.God will continue to keep her.

  2. Dear Chika, you will not loose your leg, IJN

    1. oh lord why to you….. Am so sorry dear take heart

  3. Oh my.. You just gave me a big scare..

    Thumbs up nollywood

  4. My best and favourite actress, nothing will happen to u IJN.

  5. my dear you will not lose your leg every part of your body is very important to me

  6. My best and favourite actress, nothing gonna happen to you

  7. i was about to start crying oooo
    hahahahahahh when i read further i saw it was a movie ,i jumped up and said thank God !!!!!

    1. Is not her potion ooo

  8. Honestly the writer almost caught me there… I had to read further then and there I saw it was a scene pictured… Nice one for the make up artist.

  9. T. S Joshua Pyne Sr.

    the Nigerian should be very careful as to how they post things or information on our African actors or actresses because people are praying on a daily busy for their well being. they are not only your entertainers but the entertainers of the world. please keep all of the secret from our movies set don’t post it is against the rules of Theater. i am an Actor from Liberia my role model is Yul Edochie and i am T.S Joshua Pyne Sr.


    nothing like this can ever happen to her and i also couldn’t have believe it not even if you wake me up from sleep.This is the only actress i have ever seen with me in my dream when i was still a little child. How i wish i can come in contact with you Ma.(this is my desire and i am saying the truth) GOD will continue to keep you in JESUS NAME. AMEN!!! (I’m Nancy from Cross River State).

  11. sorry my dear be patience

  12. I was sad, but thank God, that is not your passion in JESUS name Amen

  13. U For Use Ur Neck Make I Knw How Naija Go Do The Film Treak, No Be To Sit On Ur Leg And They Show Ur Knee With Blood.

  14. HI, thanks for the clarification, because others don’t understand that this is an act.

  15. Oh y duin dis pipo u will scare us stop it pliz wooooo

  16. Oh what a life.
    Quickest recovery China.

    Thumbs up.

  17. Nothing we happen to you my dear, is not your portion in JNA

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